Why Hanging Signs Are an Effective Way of Promoting Business

custom hanging signs

For business owners hanging signs have become a vital tool for gaining a competitive advantage in the promotion of their business. They are great at catching the attention of passers-by and making a business stand out – literally.

Who uses hanging business signs? Just this little coffee company called Starbucks.

In this article we look at how custom hanging signs help express creativity and promote the business to a ‘high intent’ audience.

Placed Directly in the Line of Sight

A hanging business sign is placed perpendicular to the entrance. As such, both the faces of the sign are angled directly at foot traffic coming from both directions and are directly in their line of sight. It means your business’ name is visible to the right audience all the time.

Eye-Catching Custom Hanging Signs

Custom metal hanging signs are a great way to realize your creativity. A professional sign designer like us can recreate virtually any design, color and shape for the hanging sign. Unique signs immediately capture peoples’ attention and are more memorable too. Note how all businesses that use hanging signs take care to customize them to match their branding.

Custom hanging signs aren’t just meant for outdoor use; you can install a hanging sign even inside a mall or shopping center.

Durable Hanging Metal Signs

If a sign is going to promote your business, then it needs to be sturdy. Custom metal hanging signs are exposed to the elements more than an ordinary building sign that sits flush against the wall. A custom hanging sign is constructed of high quality, corrosion resistant material. That’s why signs look like new for years – making sure your business gives the right impression.

Signs made of metals like aluminum are extremely resistant to corrosion, can withstand strong winds and don’t fade under sunlight.

Highly Customizable

Customizability is an enormous advantage with outdoor and indoor hanging signs. First, a business owner has the freedom to use unique shapes. Second, signs can be made of metal, acrylic, wood and even vinyl to give them a unique aesthetic. Finally, a hanging sign can be configured as one of many different sign types, including channel letters, board sign and printed. This lets you distinguish yourself from surrounding stores and garner more attention.

Lit or Unlit Signs

There is a common misconception that hanging signs cannot be lighted. That is simply not the case. A custom hanging sign can incorporate LED or neon lighting options like any other sign. In fact, lighting is an element that maximizes a hanging sign’s marketing appeal. An already effective form of signage, hanging signs simply cannot be ignored once they are high-‘lighted’.

Affordable Custom Hanging Signs

Major League Signs has been showing businesses around Miami how affordable their signage can be. We create all types of signs, including metal hanging signs, banners and more. Speak to a representative and find out how we help business owners design and install high quality signs at their business.

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