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How do you make your company stand out? You might have the best product in town, but if you cannot attract any new customers into your store, they’ll never get the chance to try it. At Major League Signs, we offer a variety of high-quality, affordable sign solutions that will catch your customers’ eye and communicate the quality and value of your product. One of the most memorable and effective options we offer are roof signs.

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Custom Roof Top Signs by Major League Signs

Business signage is everywhere, especially in towns and signs filled with hundreds of stores all trying to stand out with logos and bright sale signs. Investing in signage can feel frustrating when you’re not sure how to innovate. That’s where Major League Signs comes in. Let us help you design a custom roof sign that your customers will never forget. We offer a wide variety of colors, fonts, shapes, sizes, and materials all customized for your unique brand and business in Miami, FL.

Type of Roof Signs

Why Businesses in Miami, FL Should Invest in Roof Sign

Make your business standout and gain visibility with the classic design of a custom roof sign. It’s your brand on top of the world! Create new opportunities for your business and gain brand recall quickly. A roof sign has a higher impact than any standard wall sign will provide, it’s also a great marketing opportunity for those who want to leverage it.

Our expert design team knows the difference between average signs and exceptional ones. And our installation team prides itself on flawless execution. High-quality roof top signs are an excellent way to show your customers that you are eager for their business. They are a unique solution that we guarantee will get you to rise above the competition.

At Major League Signs, we’re committed to the highest quality and exceptional customer service. We’re confident we’ll create a sign for you that exceeds your expectations and fits within your budget. So, scroll down to book a quote with us and let’s get started! Or if you scroll up, you can give us a call or send us an email. Either way, we would love to hear from you and get your business started on its path to further success.

Based in Hialeah Gardens, we are a one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. We specialize in indoor signs, outdoor signs, vehicle wraps, custom banners and all forms of signage that help businesses gain more attention and earn more profit! Our services are also available in Miami & South Florida region.


Manufacturing a roof sign is not so different from manufacturing signs that are installed on other parts of your building. The specific process depends on the kind of signs that you have chosen for your rooftop. We can walk you through the manufacturing process for your specific kind of sign.

It depends on the kind of sign. If it is on the roof, you might call it a roof sign. If it is mounted to the wall of the building, then you might call it a building sign. Possible types of signs you might have found here include cabinet signs, channel letter signs, awning signs, and more.

The four types of roof signs that we offer include: channel letters, post and panel signs, LED signboards, and light box signs. Each has its own pros and cons and is meant for different situations. Depending on what you want to use your sign for and your budget, you may choose one over the other.

Roof-mounted signs are signs that are connected to the roof of a building instead of mounted to the exterior wall. There are special considerations for attaching a roof-mounted sign to your roof, which we can go over with you. These signs may require more reinforcement than other kinds of signs.

Mansard roof signs are signs installed on a mansard roof. Mansard roofs have two slopes, one of which is so steep that is makes a great foundation for highly visible roof signs. We can help you design and install a sign for a mansard roof.

Roof signs can be important for a business for several reasons. They may take the place of the building sign by branding the building and announcing it to the community. The roof is a good spot for such a sign as it is very visible even from far away. But you can use roof signs for other things as well.

These are safety signs that are installed on the roof. They might be temporary, for workers or others who might be on the roof. Or, they may be permanent and used to warn of safety issues that are permanent, especially on rooftop patios and other spaces that people may use regularly.

Yes, we can add channel letter signs to your roof. You can choose from a variety of sizes and we can make sure that the sign can be safely supported by your building. Of course, we can also optimize every other aspect of the design, from the font and color to the lighting.

As we offer custom roof signs, and each in unique, so we offer clear estimates that will allow you to understand the cost of your sign before you commit to it. We can help create a sign that fits within your budget. Reach out to us to discuss your sign options.

A parapet sign is a kind of roof sign. It is extending from the wall at the edge of the roof. It might also be installed above a balcony, walkway, or other structure, as an extension from that exterior wall. We can create a parapet sign for you on your building.

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