Acrylic Signs Miami, FL

There are a lot of ways signage helps build your business image in Miami. In order to establish your brand as professional and credible, adding a sophisticated sign such as acrylic signs will do the job.

What is Acrylic Sign?

If you want a durable and inexpensive alternative to a glass sign, acrylic signs are a great choice. These are made with lightweight, sturdy, and versatile plastic material. Printing on the surface is possible with UV ink, as well as cutting the material to make letters and shapes.

GRS acrylic lobby signs in Miami, FL
Acrylic indoor dimensional letters for Hermani Lorenzo in Miami, FL

Uses of Acrylic Signs

Because these are highly customizable, acrylic signs can be designed depending on how you want it to function. In Miami, these are great to use for:

Types of Acrylic Signs

Clear Acrylic Signage

The most common type of acrylic signs, clear acrylics, are completely transparent and provide the most glass-like design. These are shatterproof and can be etched or printed on to give you a sleek and professional sign that lasts.

There are two ways plexiglass signs can be printed on: 

Frosted Acrylic Signs

If you want a matte, translucent effect on your acrylic signs, frosted signs are the way to go. An overlay is used to diffuse light on the surface, reducing glare and creating a frosted effect.The translucent background allows your business logo or any design to stand out.

When your organization requires a certain level of privacy, doing frosted acrylic wall signs has its added benefits. Frosted signs allow you to convey your message while maintaining discretion inside your facility.

Acrylic lobby signs for Hermani Lorenzo in Miami, FL

Miami Signs & Wraps: Your Partner for Acrylic Signs in Miami, FL

Choosing the best acrylic sign requires having a reputable sign company as your partner. Our team at Major League Signs is committed to delivering high-quality signs that satisfy your business requirements. Let us help boost your image for your Miami business. Call us today to claim your free acrylic signs consultation.


Acrylic signs are any type of sign that uses a highly durable plastic material. They are often referred to as Plexiglas. They are usually transparent and colorless, the perfect alternative to glass signs.

Acrylic is very versatile. It can be printed or painted on, and laser-cut to create dimensional signs. 

Acrylic is used in signs because of its durability and versatility. It is a strong material that can last years whether used indoors or outdoors.

Typically, colorless and transparent, it is a fantastic baseline to any type of sign. Acrylic can be colored, cut, and shaped into different forms to make the sign you need. 

Yes! Acrylic signs are a durable sign option. They are made of tough, shatter-resistant plastic material. This is why acrylic is the ideal substitute for glass.

Acrylic doesn’t easily break like glass. While durable, it is also lightweight, making handling easier. It is a low-maintenance sign that can last years. 

Yes, acrylic is a type of plastic. It is a strong, stiff, transparent thermoplastic material that is made from an organic compound called Methyl Methacrylate (MMA).

There are different types of plastic, and acrylic is one of the most commonly used for signage. The most popular brand of acrylic is Plexiglas. 

The length of time that acrylic signs last depend on different factors. Location is a major factor. Indoors, it can last up to over a decade. However, when used outdoors, it can last around 3-5 years without any fading.

You can benefit from your sign for years with proper care and maintenance. 

Yes, acrylic signs are waterproof! They are resistant to a lot of elements, including water, chemicals, and even UV light.

Acrylic can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is resistant even to saltwater sprays and extreme temperature changes. This is why acrylic signs are a popular choice when it comes to outdoor signs. 

Acrylic signs are one of the most ideal signs for outdoor use. Their durability lets them resist severe weather and temperature changes.

Acrylic can also withstand extreme UV exposure without any risks of fading. It is also a material that doesn’t rust or corrode when exposed to water or moisture. 

Certain types of plastics turn yellow over time. One primary cause is prolonged exposure to UV rays, which react to the material, causing discoloration on some plastics.

However, Plexiglas specifically does not turn yellow. Even World War II bombers’ protective canopies made of acrylic are still clear after more than 50 years under the sun. 

There is no set cost when it comes to acrylic signs. It depends on different elements, like size, design, thickness, and more.

Acrylic signs are a cost-effective option. A large acrylic panel, for example, can range a couple of hundred dollars while a 1″ thick acrylic letter can cost under $20 each. 

The thickness of your acrylic sign largely depends on what you want to use them for. 1/8″ thickness is basic and can be used for a lot of indoor signs.

When you want a more durable sign for your lobby, acrylic panels that are 3/16″ or 1/4″ thick are perfect. 

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