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When it comes to building a successful business, there is an overwhelming amount of advice out there – especially when it comes to marketing in Miami, FL. Today, a lot of that advice surrounds digital and content marketing, but what these experts often forget about is the impact that tried and true marketing methods still have on customers; pylon signs are one of these old standbys.

A pylon sign is a ground sign that displays the name and logo of one or more businesses. They can be used by either a single business to increase the company’s general visibility or in front of multipurpose buildings, where you have multiple tenants that need to advertise their presence in the building. Some of the most common spots you find pylon signs include plazas, business centers, malls, hotels, restaurants, and gas stations. Pylon signs are often a mark of some of the most successful stand-alone restaurants and retail businesses too. Why do the best businesses invest in them? Learn about why below.

Types of Pylon Signs For Businesses in Miami, FL

Not all pylon signs are the same. In fact, there are three main types of these towering signs:

When choosing pylon signs for your business, there isn’t necessarily a right answer. Much depends on your ideal clients, your building, and even how visible you are from the road. We can help you assess which type of sign is best for you.

What about the price? The cost of pylon signs varies depending on the type of sign, the size of the sign, and other choices such as materials. If you’re curious to know what it would cost to put one of these signs on your commercial property, you should request a quote from us at Major League Signs.

Customize Your Pylon Signs

At Major League Signs, we offer a variety of options to help you customize your pylon signs. We offer the following:

Why Businesses Should Invest in Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are excellent options for businesses that are looking to attract commuter and pedestrian attention. They also make a positive impression on potential customers. Custom pylon signs are a great option when trying to make your business stand apart from the competition or direct foot traffic to your location.

Commercial pylon signs are especially useful when it comes to identifying industrial complexes, retail locations, and car dealerships. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be designed to accommodate a wide array of tastes. Pylon signs can be designed to either be small, used to complement a storefront, or large and used to attract the eye from a distance.

At Major League Signs, we take the quality of our products seriously. We are dedicated to the highest level of customer service. It is our job to create the sign you are envisioning to help make your business more successful in Miami, Florida. Unique pylon signs that help your store, car dealership, or industrial complex stand out from the competition are an efficient marketing investment.

What are the Benefits of Pylon Signs?

When you’re looking at choosing a pylon sign, you’ll quickly realize it can be a big investment. So why should you buy one of these business signs? For many businesses, the huge benefits that you can get from these signs make them a worthwhile investment. Some of those benefits include:

They’re more impactful and then can propel your business’ reputation. For all of these reasons, pylon signs can offer a major growth boost to your business. Installing a pylon sign may be one of the best business decisions that you make.

What Are Some Uses for Pylon Signs?

There are plenty of external signs, so when should you invest in a pylon sign over the other options? It all comes down to what you need to use the sign for. Here are some uses that are best suited to one of these tall, lit signs:

Pylon Signs Near You in Miami

Those who are looking for a pylon signs maker in Miami could not do better than choosing the team at Major League Signs. Contact us to get started.


The proper term for a tall sign that is suspended on one or two poles is a pylon sign. However, you might sometimes hear these signs called pole signs. That’s just because they may make use of one giant pole. Or, someone may think that a pole sign is a paper sign attached to a telephone pole, but these are very clearly not the same thing.

That depends. If you are thinking of the giant signs suspended on a single pole (or two), then you’re looking at a pylon sign. These signs are freestanding from your building, and rely only on the pole to keep them safely in the air.

A pylon sign can range in height quite substantially. Essentially, you want a pylon sign to be tall enough that it is easier to view from far away. Being higher can also help it stand out from the other building exterior signs nearby. Typically, this means you want the pylon sign to be at least more than one story high.

A pylon panel is a pylon sign that includes a panel, or a cabinet, which displays information. It is the decorative portion of the sign that includes all of the branding or business information the sign needs. A pylon sign may have one panel, or it may have multiple panels for different businesses.

Pylon signs vary in cost. Much depends on their style and whether they have multiple poles or just one. Also, the more cabinets or the larger the sign, then the more they will cost. Pylon signs are large investments that will run into the thousands of dollars, but they are also very impactful signs.

You can use a pylon sign in many different applications. Usually, pylon signs are used on business properties that are busy to indicate all of the different businesses in the plaza. Or, they may be used by a business that has a stand-alone property and just needs to be seen from further away.

Pylon signs are powerful tools with many advantages. They allow your brand to be seen from further away, which means that they can give you a leg up over the competition. They also announce your brand to more people, thus providing more impressions than a smaller sign.

The lifespan of a pylon sign depends on many different factors. All pylon signs are designed for outdoor use, and they should handle the elements without damage for years. However, eventually, these sources of wear and tear can begin to undermine the look of the sign.

All pylon signs should be installed to the highest safety standards. That means they should be perfectly safe to stand under or drive under. There is a marked safe distance from a pylon sign to a power line, but this will be context dependent. We can help you design a safe pylon sign.

Pylon signs are large, freestanding signs that weigh a lot. They, therefore, must be supported by poles with high-quality materials that are prepared for the weight of the top of the sign. Metal is a choice material for pylon signs, but the specific metal can vary. We can help you choose appropriate material.

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