Top 5 Ideas for Wrapping Your Vehicle Under A Budget

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Business owners are increasingly realizing the enormous advertising potential of wrapping their commercial vehicles. There was once a misconception that wraps are expensive to install and hard to maintain, but business owners have since realized that is simply not the case.

In this article we’ll help you understand if vehicle wraps are right for your business (they are). We’ll also tell you about the different options that make custom vehicle signs affordable for everyone.

Vehicle wraps for all budgets

Let’s start by identifying the different types of vehicle wraps in Miami. We have ranked them in descending order of cost.

Full vehicle wraps – These wrap around the vehicle, on all sides, the hood and even the roof. Full vehicle wraps provide the maximum coverage and the most room to create eye-catching wraps.

Partial car wraps Miami – Partial wraps come in a variety of sizes. These can offer nearly full coverage or be applied to the desired side of the vehicle. Businesses commonly install partial wraps on doors and bumpers as they are most visible.

Vinyl graphics or decals Cut lettering and decals are a great advertising option for your fleet. They are easier to install and replace. Unlike wraps, a decal will usually consist of individually cut letters and graphics.

Vehicle magnets – Want a temporary and easily removable sign? Magnetic signs are perfect if you want to be able to change signage yourself or transfer it between vehicles.

Perforated window film – Perforated window film has been around for decades. It is an extremely affordable way of giving your commercial vehicles a unique identity on the road.

Whatever the type of car wraps you need in Miami, make sure you get them applied by professional installers. Bubbles, frayed edges and ill-fitting signs are an eyesore and will reflect very poorly on your brand.

What kind of business/vehicles can make the best use of vehicle wraps?

What kind of business can make use of vehicle wraps? That’s like asking what business needs advertising!

Businesses that rely on a commercial fleet are obviously going to benefit from vehicle wraps as what they have is, essentially, mobile advertising space (their vehicles). For all others, any vehicle associated with the business is an advertising opportunity.

A business owner can install a temporary vehicle sign (magnet sign) and promote his or her business on their own vehicle and even ask employees to put on theirs’.

Here are some types of businesses that have prime advertising space:

  • Taxis and commercial passenger vehicles
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Food trucks
  • Golf carts (at resorts, golf courses, airports and more)
  • Service delivery trucks (like internet and phone line installation, electricians)

What to include on your truck wraps in Miami

Keep messaging on your truck simple. The more concise the message, the more likely it is people will understand it at first glance. Here’s what you should include:

  • Business name
  • Business logo
  • Phone number
  • Business address
  • Social media handles

For best readability, keep fonts non-cursive and large. Make sure lettering contrasts with your vehicle’s paint scheme and the sign’s background color. The larger the sign the better, so try and apply the largest vinyl wraps you can fit onto your vehicle.

Affordable vehicle wraps in Miami

Major League Signs helps businesses in Miami design and install head-turning vehicle wraps. We offer a one-stop service: we will design, print and install your wrap on your vehicle. Our team schedules installation to minimize the time your vehicle is off the road. Call us now and find out how affordable and long-lasting our wraps are.

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