Exterior Signs & Outdoor Signs in Miramar

Despite the success of digital marketing, some traditional forms of advertising and communication are still must-have investments for all brick-and-mortar establishments. Outdoor signs are the perfect example. They let the public know who you are, what qualities make you unique, and what products or services you can provide to consumers.

Exterior business signs instigate curiosity by giving a preview of your business that makes them want to know more. Additionally, custom exterior signs help customers to locate your establishment, deliver information and instructions, and promote discounts, sales, and upcoming events. They send a message to customers that your business is up and running which results in more foot traffic that can be converted into sales. 

Most Popular Types of Exterior Signage in Miramar, FL


These multi-purpose outdoor building signs not only advertise your business, but also provide shade for customers queueing at your storefront. This is why many cafes, bars, restaurants, hotels, and similar establishments invest in this particular type of sign.

Hanging Signs

These signage solutions are perfect for establishments located in congested areas or those surrounded by numerous competitors. Since these are installed above eye level, you will have more opportunities to grab the attention of potential customers from a distance.

Outdoor Channel Letters

These 3D, visual marketing tools are ideal for promoting your brand round-the-clock because of their many eye-catching qualities. You can choose among four different illumination styles, namely: front-lit, backlit, combination, and open-face. Each of the letters is hollow so that the LED tubes can pass through and illuminate the signage from the inside.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are composed of solid letters, which is why they are illuminated from behind. These signs are typically made from hardwearing metal and acrylic, depending on what suits your branding requirements and exterior building design.

Lightbox Signage

These illuminated exterior signs are low-maintenance and low-cost. They can promote your business any time of the day, regardless of the weather conditions. On top of that, the printed film can be interchangeable, allowing you more flexibility in updating your advertisements as you please.

Outdoor Wall Decals

If you want your establishment to be more noticeable and memorable, we highly recommend that you put up these custom wall decals & signs. With the right designs, people intentionally stop by these ads and take pictures with them. As a result, your business will get free exposure if individuals upload these images to their social media profiles.

Vinyl Window Graphics and Letters

These outdoor custom signs allow you to maximize the available space in your shopfront. Since they are inexpensive and easy to install, you can regularly update the look and appeal of your storefront depending on the season, festivity, and so on.

● Boost brand visibility

● Increase indoor foot traffic with custom outdoor signage

● Gain a competitive advantage

● Inform customers and leads about special offers and discounts

● Promote newly launched products or services

● Emphasize your best qualities

● Display your contact number and business hours

#1 Outdoor Sign Company in Miramar, FL

Major League Signs is a leading manufacturer of exterior visual communication tools that are built to withstand pollution, harsh weather conditions, and other outdoor elements. We are committed to helping your business stand out and increasing foot traffic by creating high-impact signs.

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