Bathroom/Restroom Signs in Miami, FL

Restroom signs are an essential part of any public building, be it a school, restaurant, office, hotel business, or store. At Major League Signs, we carry women’s, men’s and all-gender restroom signs in Miami, FL. Allowing you to find the right label and style for your restrooms. We also offer a variety of bathroom signs that are ADA compliant; these features include wheelchair images and braille lettering.

All our restroom signs are designed and made with high-end, durable plastic that won’t fade or chip over time. In fact, our brushed metal bathroom signage and those made with wood or frosted acrylic will add a modern look to any space. Our bathroom signs are designed to help prevent any potential confusion or accidents, as well as comply with health and safety codes. In addition to our traditional restroom signs that go outside of the bathroom, we also offer signs for inside. These signs are available in both Spanish and English and are designed to cater to multi-lingual businesses.

In addition to the restroom signs described above, there are several other essential kinds of signage often needed within a restroom. These can include instructions for hand dryers and faucets, by-laws around smoking, and health code adherence by the business. We are also pleased to offer custom restroom signs for instances where one is needed.

Our team, at Major League Signs, has experience in designing and installing high-quality and durable bathroom signs in Miami, FL. We take the quality of our products and our customer service to heart.

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