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Is your Miami business looking for new and creative ways to spruce up your brand? Your large, empty walls can be the perfect canvass! Breathe new life into your space by investing in custom wall decals. 

What is a Wall Decal?

Wall decals are digitally printed adhesive vinyl that can be applied to your wall surface. They are similar to wall murals. However, they cover only portions of the wall surface instead of the entire wall.These are highly customizable. They can be cut and shaped into any form with limitless color and size options to choose from.

If you want a modern and interactive way of branding your space, wall decals in Miami are a great choice. Designed mostly for indoor use, these are not only limited to commercial use. It can also give your homes an updated look by applying decals on your bedroom or living room walls.

Whether you need vinyl wall decals on your office, retail store, or home, our team at Major League Signs is here to help! We offer design, printing, and installation services for your convenience. Contact us today to learn more! 


Decorative wall decals for office in Miami, FL
Exterior custom wall decals by Major League Signs in Miami, FL

Uses of Wall Decals

Wall decals can be used to enhance your overall Miami décor. For commercial spaces, these can be used to add your business logo and taglines. Typography is also a popular use for office wall decals. Putting up motivational quotes is a great way to enhance your space while keeping employees and customers engaged.

Commercial wall decals are also ideal for advertising seasonal promotions or events. These vinyl stickers are easily installed and removed when needed. Because of this feature, they are perfect as temporary signs for your walls. Customers will be happy to know about upcoming deals through these handy wall signs.

The cost of wall decals is also worth the investment. They serve both practical and aesthetic functions for your Miami space. Instead of having blank, empty walls, these custom logo wall decals provide a more positive atmosphere for your business. 

Types of Wall Decals for Home & Business

Because of their convenience, these are also perfect as a modern way to spruce up your home/business. Instead of painting your walls, wall wraps are the perfect way to liven up any room in your house. You can add sayings as well as simple decals to compliment your interior design.

When renting a house in Miami, most places don’t allow any permanent renovations to be made. Removable wall decals are a great solution when you want to personalize your space without risking any damages to the walls.


Custom Wall Decals for harvest Center in Miami, FL

Wall Decal Experts Near Miami, FL

Today is the perfect day to build your brand. Let Major League Signs help move your business forward with vibrant and unique wall graphics in Miami. We are a full-service sign company that can help design, produce, and install high-quality wall decals for your business needs.

Our team is committed to excellence and quality. This is why we only use the best materials and advanced technology to deliver products that last.

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