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In this day and age of technology, there are a multitude of ways to create effective vinyl signs in Miami. However, choosing the right material is important in making sure you get the most out of your signage investments.

What is a Vinyl Sign?

Vinyl is a versatile and durable material used in a lot of signages. It can be cut in different shapes and sizes, printed on, and adhered to multiple surfaces.

Vinyl signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. This makes it the perfect signage material for different applications and surface locations in the market.

If you are looking for vinyl printing near me, Major League Signs is the preferred choice of Miami businesses. We produce quality signs that can be used to decorate or advertise your company successfully. 

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Types of Vinyl Signs

Because of its versatility, vinyl can be applied in many different sign types. The options for colors, weights, thickness, and applications are limitless when it comes to vinyl sign printing. Here are common examples of vinyl signage: 

If you have ever searched for “vinyl signs near me” in Miami, Major League Signs is glad to help choose the best sign types for your business! 

Uses of Vinyl Signs

If your business is looking for an effective marketing tool, vinyl signs are a quick and convenient option. Let’s look at how vinyl can give value to your business.

Window Graphics and Decals

Vinyl stickers are the most convenient way to jazz up your store or office windows. They’re great for: 

Wall and Floor Graphics

If you need a quick and easy way to reach out to customers without disrupting foot traffic, vinyl walls and graphics are a great option. Grab customers’ attention through vibrant colors and designs.

Transform your unused wall and floor space into great marketing materials through vinyl lettering and graphic designs by Major League Signs! 

Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Vinyl is great to use not only indoors but outdoors as well. This is why it is the perfect material to transform your company cars through vehicle wraps.

Transform your fleet into moving billboards with vinyl graphics. Generate thousands of impressions a day through your vehicle wraps and boost your brand awareness in your local Miami community.

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Looking for a reliable sign company that can deliver excellent signage results? Major League Signs can take care of your sign requirements for you. We offer multiple vinyl sign options made of high-quality, long-lasting materials.


Our team of experts will diligently work with you through the entire process – from design to installation and aftercare. We are committed to delivering quality signage along with excellent customer service.

Let us get your business top of mind in Miami today! Contact us and receive a free quote.


In the sign-making world, a vinyl print is a sign that is made of vinyl and has a custom design printed on it. Vinyl prints are more often called vinyl signs. They are versatile signs that we often recommend to clients who need to work within small budgets or who are looking for wall murals, banners, or very large signs.

Flex printing and vinyl printing are two different kinds of print used for signs and banners. Flex printing uses a softer, less durable material than vinyl printing. It also uses heat to apply the material. Vinyl printing uses vinyl and sticks to its surface using an adhesive. Which type is better depends on what you need. We can help walk you through the process.

They can be. If you need posters for your workplace, then printing them in vinyl can be a smart way to make them more durable and better-suited for outdoor environments. Banners that are made of paper are usually sold to consumers and not typically intended for business purposes.

Vinyl banners are made of vinyl and they may optionally include an adhesive, unless they will be mounted in some other way, like with a frame. Vinyl is a durable material that is ideal for business banners. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and can have any custom design you need.

Printable vinyl is a consumer product. If you want a sign for your business, you likely do not want to buy printable vinyl, run it through a craft machine like the Circuit, and then apply the sign yourself. It’s more likely you want professional support using higher quality vinyl to create your sign.

Vinyl posters can be water-resistant. No vinyl material will look perfect in water forever. However, you can get vinyl signs that will stand up to rainfall for many years without issue. If you need a waterproof poster for your business or for marketing purposes, then reach out to us.

That depends. Your average vinyl is not adhesive by itself. However, vinyl that is used for signage is often given an adhesive backing. This helps it safely and securely stick to a variety of surfaces, from painted drywall to glass and siding. As well, these signs are of much higher quality than your average sticker.

Vinyl signs are very affordable options that are within even modest budgets for small companies. They do range in price depending on the quality of the vinyl, the size of the sign, and some other design factors. We can give you an honest, clear quote for your vinyl sign.

If your vinyl sticker was a sign installed by a professional, it should be completely removable, without harming the surface beneath it at all. That said, if your installer made an error or the vinyl sign was applied to the wrong kind of surface, then you may experience issues.

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