Custom Office Door Signs Miami, FL

Visual communication solutions are more than storefront signs and other large-format advertisements. These also include small signage solutions that help improve your company’s daily operations and overall customer experience. Personalized door signs are tools that have promotional, branding, and informational uses. They can be found at entrances or doors inside the facility.

At Major League Signs, we believe that sometimes the smallest details are the most important. Imagine a partner at a law firm taking a meeting with a prospective client at his office. Every aspect of that prospective client’s visit will influence his decision whether to hire that firm. An old or shoddy sign may not deter that client. But a thoughtful and well-designed custom office door sign can help communicate the quality and excellence of the firm.

Custom Door Signs Miami, FL

High-Quality Office Door Signs in Miami, FL

If you come across situations where the doors need temporary or multiple messages, office door signs with changeable inserts can be great value addition. Designing a new sign for every message is not a practical solution, as you will have to worry about their maintenance as well. There are chances that they might get lost too and with changeable inserts, you can have the same sign to display multiple messages.

Common Types of Door Signs in Miami, FL

Acrylic Door Signs: For establishments that want to add a touch of a colorful and contemporary feel to their space, we highly recommend that you choose signs made from this material. Acrylic sheets can be trimmed and molded to create dimensional letters. We can also print your vivid designs on top of the plaques for a traditional appearance or behind the plexiglass to create more three-dimensional signage.

● Engraved Metal: These custom door plaques are excellent for offices that have a more formal or serious environment, such as law firms and accounting offices. These are timeless and versatile but can be crafted to look sleek and modern as well. They typically come in metal houses, which are interchangeable, making them great for offices that different individuals might use in the long run.

● Metal Letters and Logos: These custom office door signs have a unique charm that just blends well with various types of interior design. We take metal sheets and cut out your specific design, whether it is a room label or a graphic symbol. You can choose between glossy or brushed finishes, depending on your preference.

Vinyl Door Signage: These custom door signs are lightweight, inexpensive, and customizable. They are typically installed on glass doors, which makes them look seamless and modern.

The Many Advantages of Having the Right Office Door Signs

1. Prevent Accidents and Mishaps: Custom door plaques and other similar signage solutions that provide safety reminders and warnings help reduce work-related accidents and casualties. For example, maintenance rooms might indicate “Warning: High Voltage Inside” and “Only Authorized Individuals Allowed Inside”.

2. Influence Your Target: Market with Important Business Information: We can put up acrylic door signs that indicate your store hours and rules, such as “no mask, no entry”. This way, potential customers know when to visit your facility and how to behave when entering the premises. If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

3. Solidify Your Brand: We can display your company name, logo, slogan, and other designs or messages that represent who you are as a company. This strategy helps reinforce your brand so that people are more likely to remember you compared to similar competitors.

4. Increase Profit: Custom door signs can also be utilized for promotional purposes, which can positively influence your in-store foot traffic, transactions, and overall sales. For example, by simply displaying “SALE” and “40% OFF”, you can successfully pique the interest of leads and existing patrons.

Where Can I Find the Best Custom Office Door Signs in Miami, FL?

Major League Signs is committed to providing top-notch visual communication solutions for our clients. From using top-grade materials to utilizing foolproof techniques, we are confident that our customized door signage can add value to your company.

To learn more, don’t hesitate to book a consultation with us today.

Based in Hialeah Gardens, we are a one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. We specialize in indoor signs, outdoor signs, vehicle wraps, custom banners and all forms of signage that help businesses gain more attention and earn more profit! Our services are also available in Miami & South Florida region.


Door signs are the signs on office doors and other kinds of doors which label the room behind them. So, commonly on office doors, the sign on the door will say whose office it is and what their position in the company is. Other door signs might label bathrooms or conference rooms.

Hopefully, you let the professionals make the sign. We can guide you through the whole process of designing, installing, and manufacturing your door signs to the highest quality. Trust us for guidance about materials, the type of sign, what you need to include on the sign, and more.

That depends on two main things: does the sign need to be ADA-compliant and, if not, then where is easiest for your audience to see the sign? The ADA has requirements about where the signs need to be mounted on the wall if they have braille on them so that they can be found.

Door signs can be any size that you need. However, there are some general rules. You usually want the sign to look proportionate with the door. Smaller signs will be harder to read and larger signs will be easier. You can look through our door sign selections and get our advice about what size the sign should be.

We can make you a round door sign out of any material that you like, including vinyl, acrylic, metal, and wood. Choosing a circular sign is a great way to make your door signs stand out and add some personality to your space. We can also make your door signs in other shapes.

We seek to get you your signs as soon as possible. There are many factors to our timeline. You should reach out to us to discuss how quickly we can turn around your sign.

Yes, we can make you a sign to indicate the status of whatever is going on in your office. That includes when you’re in a session or have a client, or when you’re recording something or in the middle of a virtual meeting. We can help you design signs to meet any of these needs.

Door signs can be decorative elements of your office space. When they have personality they can also allow people to connect more with their workplace and be happier about their personal workspace. We can help you design a door sign which adds décor as well as information.

You can get custom door signs with changeable inserts from Major League Signs. We can help you get a high-quality sign which will also allow you to change out the name on the door, so that you can easily adjust your office for temporary workers or as people move around in your organization.

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