Custom Lobby Signs

Lobby signs can help your business make a positive and lasting first impression. Since lobby signs are an essential component in building a positive, first impression. In order to do so, your lobby area needs to be designed with proper signage and branding.

Major League Signs offers top-of-the-line, custom lobby signs, all of which are made from durable materials. We take pride in our team’s creative designs. We will be able to provide you with an office lobby sign that will reflect the professional image you want to portray.

At Major League signs, we’re dedicated to designing and installing your corporate lobby signs in Miami, Florida. Whether you are looking for simple or extravagant, minimal, or grand, we are happy to help. If you would like to find out more about how we can help, or if you aren’t sure what kind of sign would best represent your business, our team of experts would be happy to help.

Custom Lobby Signs Miami, FL

How We Make Effective Custom Office Lobby Signs

We understand that certain business signs are vital to maintain the overall brand perception and in case of office lobby signs, it is imperative that the colors, design, and material should communicate the same tone as your brand. In general, they contain business logo and name, tagline, and contact information but to make it more effective you can always add some more information like your company’s history, major achievements, accomplishments, and more, as these things help to make a positive impact on the visitors.

Another factor that determines the effectiveness of your receptions signs is having clarity on where it will be placed, what would be the size, and most importantly the message it will display. You can always have lobby directional signs installed to guide your visitors in the right direction. The location should be such that it can be viewed from multiple angles without any discomfort.

Lobby Signs That Make A Difference

Our lobby signs are fully customizable. This allows you to choose the colors, materials, finishes, and mounting options to suit your needs. At Major League Signs, we understand that every business is different, and therefore, each lobby sign should be unique to reflect that. Our team will work with you to incorporate your specific brand elements, such as colors, graphics, and logos. This will allow us to provide you with statement-making lobby signs that support your company’s success.

Types of Lobby Signs We Offer

Regardless of what kind of office lobby sign you’re looking for, we can help. Choosing the right lobby signs will help your clients develop trust in your business and feel confident when using the products or services that you offer. Here are some of the popular material choices:

Almost all business logos are easily rendered and reproduced in 3D format but in a few cases, it becomes difficult due to the low width of the lettering. These fine lines can cause the logo to break while printing and, in such situations, we recommend acrylic wall panels with vinyl graphics.

Based in Hialeah Gardens, we are a one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. We specialize in indoor signs, outdoor signs, vehicle wraps, custom banners, and all forms of signage that help businesses gain more attention and earn more profit! Our services are also available in Miami & South Florida region.

Lobby Signs FAQs

Reception signs or lobby signs are an effective way to grow within the company. Besides impressing the customers, it also brings them a sense of surety towards your company. After all, interiors are as important as the exterior of the building.

Acrylic plaques, 3D cut letters, adhesive vinyl, and metallic channel letters are commonly used material for lobby signs.

Yes, it’s possible. The range of colors used for printing appears different on monitors. Therefore, there might be a slight difference but if provided with the exact Pantone shade number; a close match can be obtained.

Keeping up with your design and specifications is always our priority. Lobby signs come in a wide variety in both illuminated and non-illuminated styles, which can be easily customized as per your brand needs.
Adhesive vinyl letters can be pasted directly on the wall or acrylic backdrop. Other methods of installing lobby signs can be cut each letter and sticking to the wall using double-sided tape or backdrop support.

The general rule of thumb that we follow is that your custom lobby signs should be half the width of the wall where they will be affixed. This is to create balance in your space and ensure that the reception area signage will not look too overpowering or over the top.

Here at Major League Signs, all the visual communication tools that we produce are tailored for each of our clients. In other words, we don’t have a fixed price on them, including our reception area signs. This is why we highly recommend that you book a consultation with us so that we can give you a free quotation for lobby signs with your preferred materials, dimensions, installation type, lighting style, and more.

Lobby signs are excellent tools that greet your customers from the moment they enter the front door. These help generate positive and lasting impressions of your business, and improve the overall ambiance of your branded space. In a practical sense, sometimes these signs also provide important information about your business, such as your company policies and guest guidelines.

Metal lobby signs are perfect for establishments that want a more professional, sleek, and serious ambiance. These can be etched or cut and shaped into dimensional letters or logos. Acrylic lobby signs are great for those that want to add a splash of color to their space. We offer surface and subsurface printing on acrylic panels. We can also cut and trim the material to create dimensional letters and logos.

The usage of these signs is self-explanatory. We simply install them in your reception area and they are good to go. What’s important is that you regularly have them maintained to keep them in tip-top shape. We also recommend that you don’t put any obstructions in front of them so that customers can see your signs right away.

Backlit lobby signs are also sometimes called halo-lit signs because of how the light outlines the shape of the structure from behind, almost like a halo. These signs will stand out in your reception area, and draw more attention to your official trademark and slogan. They even add an elegant and professional touch to your space.

Yes, Major League Signs produces high-quality three-dimensional signs for clients who prefer them. These are perfect for adding some depth and unique visual impact to your space. Most of the time, we use acrylic and metal to make 3D signs, but you can also choose from our other options, such as treated wood for that rustic look.

These signs are typically installed on the wall behind the reception counter or receiving area. Sometimes, they are also affixed on an accent wall that is dedicated to showcasing your company name, logo, and slogan. If you want something that stands out even more, we can even suspend your acrylic signs from the ceiling.

We can make customized glass signs for the lobby per client’s request. We typically etch your design on top of the panel to create an elegant and timeless look. We also use special installation tools and techniques to securely affix them in place, ensuring that they will not budge for as long as possible.

Major League Signs is one of the leading manufacturers of visual communication tools in Miami. We make high-quality reception area signs that are custom-made to complement your interior design, branding requirements, and marketing goals. We take pride in having a team of highly motivated and skilled sign-makers who go above and beyond to ensur that you get the best signage solutions.

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