Best Window Signs & Graphics in Miami, FL

Make the Most of What Your Already Have With Window Graphics

Window graphics are a fantastic and cost-effective way to attract the attention of potential customers and drive impulse sales. They are a great solution if you do not want to buy ad space on some billboard. You can just use the window space you have already paid for and still see results. They are extremely easy and quick to install. With proper care, they will last quite a while.

At Major League Signs, we offer five kinds of window signs & graphics:


Opaque window graphics traditionally come in a matte finish. These are a great option or both outdoor and indoor use. These can be used on any kind of glass. If you are worried about blocking a customer’s view into your store, you can work with our team to design something that fits well while still respecting the opportunity for passers-by to see into your business. Or if you do not want to risk blocking that view at all, we have other options.

Custom Window Wraps Made By Major League Signs In Miami_


Clear window graphics give you the ability to cover an entire window with logos, information, and images without losing any visibility. We understand that many businesses want to allow potential customers to see into their storefront and we want you to have that choice while still adding attractive graphics to your windows. This option is also available in multiple finishes.

Perforated Window Films

They are an excellent option for anyone that is looking to add a little privacy to their business. Perforated window films allow people to see outside but provide privacy from anyone that is trying to look inside. These are durable and a safe option for all kinds of glass.

Vinyl Lettering

Another type of window graphic that we offer is vinyl lettering. These are easy to apply and allow business owners to advertise on their car, store window, truck, boat, or door. These window graphics are designed with a transfer tape for easy installation and are fully customizable.


If you are looking for a little less privacy than our perforated options, our frosted window films offer the best of both worlds. Business, office, and venue owners find that they are not completely opaque or clear, allowing some visibility from both sides of the glass. These window films are made with etched glass adhesive and are safe for any window or door.

At Major League Signs, we are committed to creating long-lasting, affordable sign solutions that are sure to exceed your expectations.

Based in Hialeah Gardens, we are a one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. We specialize in indoor signs, outdoor signs, vehicle wraps, custom banners and all forms of signage that help businesses gain more attention and earn more profit! Our services are also available in Miami & South Florida region.


Window graphics are thin, flexible signs that are attached to a window. They are made of a thin vinyl material that can be perfectly customized to any size, shape, or look that you need. Window graphics are beneficial for storefronts and offices with a lot of glass.

Yes, window decals are removable from windows and most of the other surfaces to which they can be applied. They should not damage the glass when pulled off the window, but it will take a bit of time as the adhesive is robust to ensure the sign stays up when you want it there.

Window clings and decals are similar. They are both thin signs that adhere to glass. However, a window cling holds onto the glass using static. A window decal has a unique adhesive to stick onto the glass. This distinction isn’t always understood, and you may hear the terms used interchangeably.

We offer vinyl with lamination and micro-perforated vinyl for window wraps and decals. The materials do not differ too much in terms of longevity, but they have a practical difference. The micro-perforated vinyl allows viewers behind the glass or inside the building to look out. The only exception to this is when you’re inside a lit building at night, you will not be able to see out.

The installation cost for window graphics can vary, depending on the size and shape of the graphic that is being installed. The best way to estimate your expenses is to talk to us at Major League Signs. We can give you an honest estimate, so you’re prepared for the cost.

There is an endless variety of window decals because they are so customizable. You can have any kind of window decal that you want. Beyond typical opaque window decals, perforated vinyl, frosted, clear, and mirrored lettering are also available. We can help you choose which is best for you.

After you have agreed on our design for your window decals, our design experts will give you an estimate
depending on our schedule and printing availability. We can provide you with a precise estimate so you can know when to expect the sign and if it will arrive on time.

Window signs made of quality materials can last 15 to 20 years, depending on their exposure to the sun and other sources of wear. Window vinyl and window graphics may not last as long. The differing lifespan of different vinyl signs is another critical reason to differentiate between the two products. In addition, being in direct sunlight will cut down the lifespan of your signs.

That depends. You can see through the back of clear and perforated window decals. You can see a little bit through the back of frosted window decals. You cannot see through the back of opaque window decals. Seeing through the back of the decal may be necessary depending on the uses and placement of the window vinyl.

Perforated window vinyl has holes in it, making it almost invisible from the outside. Still, it allows you to see right through the vinyl when you’re inside or standing behind it. Perforated window vinyl is great for spots where you want to advertise, but you don’t want to block the view of people who are inside your building or your bus.

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