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Is your Miami business looking for new and different ways to attract attention? Take your business to the next level and increase brand awareness with magnetic signs!

What are Magnetic Signs?

Magnetic signs are an innovative advertising tool for any type of business. It’s a convenient and effective way to draw the attention of your target audience in Miami.

The most popular use for these signs is car advertising magnets. They are typically made out of vinyl with a magnetic backside. They are lightweight and flexible, perfect for applying on almost any smooth surface. Magnetic signs are also very customizable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Magnetic Car Advertising Signs in Miami, FL
Custom Magnetic Car Signs for Business in Miami, FL

Types of Magnetic Signs

Custom Car Magnets

Magnetic car signs are the most common application for this type of sign. They are ideal for adding your company logo and other business details to your vehicles.

Since the cost of magnetic signs is relatively low, they are the perfect alternative to vehicle graphics. Just like permanent graphics, they are very effective in generating impressions while on the road.


Magnetic Lawn Signs

These are typically used to put décor or advertise on lawns or gardens in Miami. Magnetic yard signs can be applied on yard stakes or wall plaques. 

Magnetic Menu Boards

Some café or restaurant owners often change up their menu to cater to a wide range of customers. Custom magnetic signs are a perfect solution as these are interchangeable. Easily switch out items without the need to redo your entire menu board.

Uses of Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are a versatile sign solution. It can function in many different ways depending on the need of your Miami business.

Business car magnets are perfect for increasing brand awareness. A simple logo on your truck or van can reach a wide range of customers in a short span of time. You automatically get business exposure each time your vehicle is out for service or deliveries in Miami.

These signs are also very effective promotional tools. Vehicle magnets are interchangeable and can be removed when needed. This makes it convenient for advertising:

Just simply add magnetic van signs, and you’ll get more customers through your doors in no time! 


Your Local Custom Magnetic Signs Maker Near Miami, FL

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Magnetic signs are smooth, vinyl signs with a magnetic backing. While they can be placed on any magnetic surface, magnet signs are typically placed on vehicles. They are great tools for people who want their vehicle to advertise, but not all the time, or who are looking to change a vinyl sign frequently.

We offer completely custom magnetic signs, so the overall cost of the sign that you get will depend on its size, what you’ve printed on it, and other design choices. You will get an estimate for the cost of your sign before you commit to it, so you’ll know the cost and whether or not it fits with your budget.

In some instances, yes, you can heat press magnets.

Magnetic car signs are made from a vinyl that is typically scratch-resistant. With enough force or a sharp enough object, you can scratch the signs. We can give you some tips on how to keep your magnetic signs in good shape and safe from things that may scratch it.

Car magnet signs are designed for outdoor use and placement on a vehicle. The magnet behind them is quite strong and will continue to be. The vinyl on the front is made from a highly durable material that is made to resist the elements without facing. You can expect your car magnet sign to last for a long time.

It depends on what you need from a sign. Car magnets are great for companies or individuals that need or want to swap out their sign, or who aren’t allowed to add a vinyl wrap to their vehicle because it is a lease or loan. If you’re using your personal vehicle for work, it also makes sense to choose a magnet sign.

You can put a car magnetic sign almost anywhere on the vehicle. You can switch up to get different results from your sign and show it off in different circumstances. However, when your sign was designed, your professional designer likely had a spot on your vehicle in mind when they designed it.

One of the main concerns of business owners when it comes to signs is the cost. A lot of signs look expensive because of the materials and impressive design.

Most signs, however, only require a one-time investment. And when you choose the right signage, the rewards you get will eventually cover the cost of the sign. 

The process of making a car magnet sign is about taking a vinyl sheet, printing the sign onto it, and then adding the magnet on the back. The vinyl and the magnet are fused together with an adhesive. This isn’t a process you want to do at home, it is best to leave this to the professionals.

Magnetic signs use magnetism to stay in place against your vehicle or another metal or magnetic surface. Otherwise, they work the same as other signs by catching attention and communicating a message to onlookers. The message depends on your brand and what you need to say to your customer or potential customers.

Yes, magnetic signs are a good advertising tool in general, but that doesn’t guarantee that they are right for you. The professionals at Major League Signs can tell you about the pros and cons of these types of signs and whether there is an alternative that might be better for you.

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