How Wayfinding Signs Enhance Overall Customer Experience

Custom Wayfinding Signs-Major League Signs in Miami, FL

Customer experience is not built on disjointed elements. A customer who comes to your retail space must be subconsciously guided to completing the sale. Custom wayfinding signs are extremely important at completing that aspect of their journey.

For businesses that occupy large premises, custom wayfinding signs are an absolute must. A lack of signs will, after all, frustrate users and reduce the likelihood of them returning. In this article we are looking at how directional signs for business can be used to enhance the customer journey.

The Signs Research Foundation reports of the ‘visitor-confusion problem’ because of poor custom wayfinding signs which noticeably reduced patient satisfaction in hospitals.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Custom Wayfinding Signs

Making the best use of office directional signs and signs in retail spaces can not only improve the customer experience, it also provides a great branding opportunity.

Branding – Custom directional signs for business are excellent opportunities to show off your brand. They don’t have to scream your business name or logo but they should help build a positive impression of the business.

Showcase promotions – Many businesses use seasonal wayfinding signs to make their space more appealing. Others integrate custom wayfinding signs with promotions, for instance with arrows leading to specific aisles.

Digital signs – Digital office directional signs and interactive maps have become extremely popular recently. They offer great engagement and utility for visitors and give you another channel to promote your brand.

Refresh signs – Refresh your wayfinding signs regularly to keep your premises feeling fresh. Wayfinding signs are a regular visual ‘touchpoint’ and even small changes will influence peoples’ perceptions.

Floor signs – Floor signage is extremely effective at capturing customers’ attention. A large floor area also allows sizeable and extremely readable signs.

Sturdy signage – Though it may not seem like it, sturdy signage is essential to making customers’ experiences wholesome.

ADA signs – Nearly 1 in 5 Americans feels they have some type of vision impairment. That is nearly 20% of the population that relies on ADA compliant signs to navigate spaces safely. An office or retail space with ADA compliant signage will definitely provide a better experience to this vast cross-section of society.

Types of directional signs for businesses

Office directional signs and retail wayfinding signs are essential in virtually all types of commercial spaces. From defining the layout of the space to providing accurate information in moments of need, custom wayfinding signs serve a number of purposes. Here are a few different types of wayfinding signs:

  • Door signs
  • Washroom signs
  • Emergency exit signs
  • Business directory signs
  • Static maps
  • Digital displays
  • Wi-Fi signs
  • Signs to elevators

Custom Wayfinding Signs in Miami

Speak to Major League Signs to custom create your own wayfinding signs. Our team works with many businesses in Miami to realize creative and unique directional signs for their business. We can incorporate unique design elements from your business into sign shape, material, fonts, colors and more. Call us to learn more.

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