Building Signs in Miami

Giant mobile billboards… why aren’t you using them?

Every building needs signs for practicality, beauty, and to attract clients or customers. That’s why there is such a wide variety of building signs available, from channel letters that announce the brand in the building to directory signs that let people know where every office is. Depending on your building, your industry, and the specific feeling that your brand is going for, you will need a different kind of sign. We can help. We provide building signs near you if you are in Miami or somewhere else in South Florida. Discover what these signs have to offer you and why Major League Signs should be your choice to craft all of the signs your building needs.

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What Are Building Signs?

In general, people are referring to two different things when they refer to building signs. The first type of building sign is one that you find outside, mounted to the façade of the building, or announcing the brand somewhere on the building property. The second type is a sign inside of the building that is essential to the functioning of the building in some way.

We can provide you with both kinds of building signs in Miami & South Florida.

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Types of Buildings Signs

Depending on your business and your building, you may benefit more from one kind of building sign than the other. Here are some options for exterior and interior signs for your commercial property:

Not sure which building sign works for your specific needs or building? Ask the professionals. We can help you assess your building’s needs for signs, with your budget and your brand persona in mind.

Secrets to Building Sign Design

How do you get the best building signs? It’s all about the design. We can help you create some truly amazing signs that will be valuable assets for your business for many years to come. Here are some important principles for building sign design:

Building Signs in Miami and South Florida

Ready to get your building the sign it has always needed? Or maybe the system of signs it has always needed? We can help. Reach out to Major League Signs for quality design, manufacture, and installation of your signs.

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Building signs are not just any sign in a building. Instead, when they say “building signs” most people refer to the exterior signs that are directly mounted to the face of the building. This usually does not include sign options that are outside but not attached to the building itself.

Are you inspired by a sign you see and want to know what it is? There are a few different types of building signs that you could be looking at. It could be a channel letter sign, with standalone letters, a cabinet sign, where the sign looks like a box or another kind of exterior sign. 

That depends on what you’re looking at. If it is a sign mounted to the rooftop, then it is a building sign of some kind. But you might also be looking at a billboard, a garden planter, or some other kind of box. If it is a sign, we can help you identify it and, if you want, replicate it.

Great question! A building sign is a big investment, so it is wise to really consider all your options instead of assuming that one particular sign type is best for you. Your options for building signs include:

  • Channel letters
  • Dimensional lettering
  • Lightbox signs
  • And many variations on these sign types!

Building signs are larger, more complex signs which often include lighting. This means that they tend to be more expensive than other sign options. We can talk to you about what a reasonable budget for these signs might look like, and tailor our design to keep your costs in line with your budget.

Yes, channel letters can be installed on a building. In fact, their primary use is as a building exterior sign. Each letter needs to be mounted to the building separately. But, some organizations choose to place channel letter signs on the ground instead, which can also be impactful, depending on your needs.

There is a reason building signs are so essential and that you can find them on almost every retail location, along with many offices and other buildings. These large signs ensure that people can find your building. They promote your brand to the community, help you have a presence, and build your brand identity.

The metal boxes on top of buildings are cabinet signs. At least, that’s what you might be looking at. These signs are large metal boxes that have colorful panels on the front of them. Inside, there are LED lights to make the whole face of the sign light up.

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