Lightbox Signs for Miami Businesses

Effective advertising is necessary for businesses to reach their target audience. Advertising comes in many shapes and forms in Miami. However, nothing beats the track record of impressive sign solutions.

When it comes to signage that works, lightbox signs should be on top of your list. These successfully identify your brand and sets you apart from the competition. It is a powerful form of marketing that is a must-have for any business.

What is a Light Box Signage?

Lighted box signs are sign cabinets illuminated with LED lights. These are usually made with aluminum back and side panels and an acrylic front face. They are mostly rectangular or square in shape, but with options for other shapes as well.

Custom lightbox signs provide plenty of opportunities for customization. The front face can be printed with your company name and logo to promote your business. These can also be made more impressive with other design options, like push-through acrylic lettering.

The cost of lightbox signs depend on the type of materials and design you choose. Here at Major League Signs, we work closely with our clients on each sign project. We make sure we always meet your business and budget needs. Talk to our Miami team today!

Custom Illuminated Business Signage

Types of Light Box Signs

  1. Single-Sided Light Box Signs – with the design on one side of the sign. These are usually mounted directly on a wall or building fascia.

  2. Double-Sided Light Box Signs – with the design on both sides of the sign. This option is perfect for projecting signs, hanging signs, or freestanding signs.
  3. Fabric/Canvas Custom Lightboxes – where stretch fabric is used to print the design. These are ideal for large, indoor signs installations.
  4. Under Awning Light Box Signs – these are hanging signs, with the design on both sides. They are typically suspended from the ceiling or awning of a building.

Uses of Lightboxes

Miami businesses benefit a lot from choosing lightbox signs. These can be used in a variety of applications to add value to your business.

Light Box Signage for Stores

High-Quality Light Box Signs “Near Me”

Outshine the competition today with eye-catching lightbox signs for businesses. Major League Signs is a full-service sign company that delivers high-quality sign solutions for your business needs.

We offer a variety of options when it comes to lightbox signs. Our team will guide you through the process of designing, producing, and installing signs that keep you top of mind in Miami.

Give us a call today for a FREE consultation with our sign experts!


Lightbox signs are usually used for advertising a brand. They are most commonly used outside of buildings, mounted right to the side of the building. Inside, they might be used to advertise a specific brand within a mall or large retail location, or they may be used to advertise a service or product. 

Lightbox signs need to be constructed from a few different materials. They need a sturdy material for the sides and back of the box. Usually, some type of metal is used. Then, the face of the sign needs to be partly transparent to allow light through. It also needs to be dyed to create the design of the sign. Acrylic is normally used.

Lightbox signs are entirely custom signs. They can vary in materials, size, and design, which means that knowing a baseline price isn’t all that useful to you. Instead, it is better to reach out to us so we can discuss what kind of budget would get you and what kind of lightbox sign.

Light-up signs are called lit signs. Lightbox signs, also called cabinet signs, are only one option. You can have lit signs on the interior and exterior of your business. You can choose signs where every letter is individually lit, like channel letter signs, or one where the lighting is outside the sign.

That depends on your context. In the world of photography, a lightbox is a tool used to add a ton of light to small or medium-sized objects to make them easier to photograph. But we work in the world of signs where, if people are talking about image lightboxes, they are talking about cabinet signs.

We hope you’re not thinking of making a lightbox sign out of wood! That’s not a great choice for the long-term safety and life of your sign. You might make a small wooden light box as a DIY project, but for large, outdoor signs, we will encourage you to use metal for safety and durability.  

Making a lightbox sign can be a thrilling process. We’ll show you the various sign options you have and get started on a design that will represent your brand. We can alter the design until you’re happy with it and then set out making all of the custom elements for your sign. We install it too!

Lightbox pop-ups most commonly refer to a marketing technique on your website where an element pops up and asks the reader to engage before they read or interact with the rest of your website. Lightbox signs typically cannot be designed in the pop-up style and must be permanent.

Great question! We have so many lightbox sign variations available, including single-sided and double-sided light box signs (the latter can be freestanding.) We also offer stretch fabric signs for indoor use. And, we offer under-awning lightbox signs to hang from building awnings or from ceilings.

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