Truck Wraps Miami

Giant mobile billboards… why aren’t you using them?

Trucks wraps are giant billboards on wheels. From downtown Miami to Sunset Boulevard, advertise in Miami’s hotspots for free! Best of all, vinyl wraps and decals will preserve your trucks’ paint and protect them from the chips and dents that come with driving on the road. Commercial truck wraps are a great way of getting full utility out of your fleet.

Discover the limitless advertising potential of your truck.

Become A Household Name in Miami, Florida

Branding on commercial truck is proven to enhance credibility and brand awareness – essential for building top of mind recall. As people see your trucks drive around the city, they will start to associate your brand with your industry. Commercial truck wraps will help you build top of mind recall and

High quality truck wraps at very affordable prices.

Types of Custom Truck Wraps and Graphics to Choose From

For us, the job isn’t finished until you are satisfied. Major League Signs works closely with customers to design the wraps they want. Our team walks you through which wraps you should consider for your needs and how they will look on your vehicles. We provide all types of truck wraps, including complete vehicle wraps, partial wraps, custom truck decals, food truck wraps, trailer wraps, and simple individual lettering.

Get The Wrap You Want For Your Business Truck in Miami

Miami is a city on the move and people expect to be wowed by the advertising they see. We achieve the ‘wow’ factor through creative designs and high quality materials. We only use vinyl wraps from reputed manufacturers such as 3M, and our adhesives are paint-safe.

Our designers are creative professionals who know what it takes to design truck graphics generate leads. We create unique designs that prioritize messaging and engagement. To make sure customers receive exactly the wraps they expect, we use cutting-edge 3D modelling software to show you how your truck will look. Choose from a wide selection of wrapping finishes.

Your Full Service Vehicle Wrapping Company Near Miami

At Major League Signs, we make sure your truck wraps offer great value for your money. When you come to us you will find a knowledgeable team that doesn’t beat around the bush and gets the wraps you want. We are a full service wrapping shop, taking care of design, printing, installation and maintenance. Our team schedules wrapping in a way that minimizes the time your vehicles have to spend off the road.

Competitively priced truck wraps for single vehicles and fleets.


A truck wrap is a way of putting your advertising on the truck directly. It is a vinyl that is custom printed and cut to fit your specific truck exactly. It is adhered to the truck and then just sits there, rain or shine, on the truck. It turns your truck into a moving billboard from which you can advertise.

There are many advantages of wrapping a truck, including marketing advantages, which makes it good investment for your business. Wrapping the truck can also be good for the truck itself, protecting the paint coat beneath the vinyl. This protective benefit is why many leasing companies allow you to wrap trucks.

It depends, but a truck wrap can last three or so years. We use quality vinyl from 3M which stands up to sun, rain, and the other elements better than other wrap options. This vinyl is strong and resistant to scratching, which helps you get a longer life out of the wrap.

It really depends on what you want out of your paint job. It is certainly cheaper to get custom designs and colors when you’re getting a wrap because the printing cost is relatively stable despite the complexity of the design. Whereas paint may be more expensive for each additional design feature.

No, properly applied truck wraps do not damage the paint beneath them at all. When your professional removes the wrap, the paint should look just like the day you placed the wrap on, completely protected from dirt and fading from the sun.

The more time your wrap spends in direct sun, the more that it will fade from the effects of the ultraviolet radiation, just like fabrics and other sign types. The truck wrap should still last years, but you will be cutting into its lifespan when you expose it to direct sunlight.

It is not hard to remove a vehicle wrap when you have the correct tools. You will need a professional to remove the wrap, and a few hours, but it is a relatively simple as a process. You can expect the paint beneath the vinyl wrap to be unharmed by the removal process.

Depending on the specific vinyl material that your wrap is made out of you may be able to paint over it. However, it is not exactly a cost-effective way to do it. It is wiser to make your vinyl wrap design as close to the final design of the truck that you want, so you don’t have to paint over it.

Truck wraps can be huge advantages for businesses. Your wrap can help promote your business directly to the locals who can buy from you. It can help you establish yourself in a new service area, make your brand more appealing, and accomplish many other business goals.

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