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Custom PVC Board Signs in Miami, FL

If you are looking at purchasing PVC board signs for your local Miami business, Major League Signs can help. We have a full host of PVC options and are willing to work with clients to create custom designs. Our simple template service and graphic designers make it easy to import graphics or text to form a sign that boosts your brand and conveys important business information. Give us a call today to talk more about your custom-made PVC signs. 

What are PVC Signs?

A lot of people find themselves asking, “what is PVC used for?” when they first approach the topic of custom PVC board signs. While they have heard the term, they do not really know what PVC signage can do. It is logical then you might question what PVC is as well. PVC is a plastic that is exceptionally durable, which is the number one reason why many people opt to utilize these signs. 

These signs are typically used as a long-term indoor signage solution since they do not need to be replaced. They can also be used outdoors for short-term purposes and are known for being highly moisture resistant. Some of the obvious benefits of going with these signs is they are extremely scratch and dent-resistant, leading to their durability. 

There are many types of signs, including:

  • Directional PVC prints
  • Decorative PVC poster signs 
  • Wayfinding signs 
  • Custom-Made PVC signs 
  • Promotional signs 
  • Restaurant signs 
  • Office board signs 
  • Trade show signs 

When you choose a type of sign, it is important to remember there are several ways to mount custom signs. Major League Signs is proud to offer many installation options, or you can opt for your own choice. We are always happy to mount products for our clients upon request as a full-service sign company. 

Several PVC mounting options include:

  • Easel backs 
  • Standoffs
  • Suction cup and hooks 
  • Command strips

Plastic PVC Sign Printing Services

We offer comprehensive plastic PVC sign printing services, which means we handle everything in-house. We use only the most durable PVC materials and test them before sending them to our customers for installation to ensure they are thick, durable, and moisture resistant. This is one reason why we stand behind every product that leaves our warehouses. 

It is important to keep in mind there are different cutting options when it comes to crafting custom signs. For that reason, you must think about your sign’s appearance before you place an order with Major League Signs. 

Sign printing cutting options:

  • Rounded cut 
  • Square/Rectangle cut 
  • Outline cut 
  • Overline cut
Customized warning signage for business in Miami, FL

Benefits of Custom-Made PVC Signs

There are multiple reasons why people opt for custom PVC signs. As mentioned earlier, many people like the look and the long-life span of PVC signs. Some other benefits of using PVC as your custom sign material include:

  • Cost-effective signage solution 
  • Extremely lightweight and can be mounted almost anywhere 
  • Waterproof 
  • Highly durable 
  • Double-sided printing option depending on location and use 
  • Direct UV printing 
  • Produces a smooth and attractive surface 
  • Rigid but has a bend to it
  • Dent-resistance 
  • Scratch-resistance

If you are searching for custom PVC signs in Miami, FL, contact Major League Signs to talk about bringing your custom designs to life. 

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