Custom Wayfinding Signs in Miami, FL

Do your customers and visitors have to navigate confusing office hallways, levels of a shopping mall, hospital corridors, or unfamiliar campuses? At Major League Signs, we offer visually stunning and easy-to-understand custom wayfinding signs in Miami, Florida. 

Each sign is designed to help eliminate confusion, reduce stress, and make your brand even more visible and accessible. Our highly trained staff of visual communications experts and designers understands the importance of graphic solutions and innovative sign designs. We will use them to help your visitors reach their desired destination.

Exit Wayfinding or directional signage in Miami, FL

Why They Are Important?

Attractive wayfinding signage is essential for helping people find their way around. Regardless of whether they are in an office building, housing development, shopping center, multi-level retail store, or at an event, wayfinding signs help to guide people with building and area directories, colorful maps and pictograms. You can even interact with your audience through the use of digital signs or QR codes, the possibilities are endless.

Custom wayfinding and directional signs are an essential component of the overall customer experience. Well-executed directional signs can add to your decor while making it easy for clients, vendors, and visitors to find their way.

Custom Directional, Wayfinding, & Arrow Signs

Major League Signs recommend using long-lasting, high-grade materials to produce your customized wayfinding sign products. We often use products like aluminum, HDU, and acrylic substrates to produce stunning signs that perform and have minimal required maintenance.

At Major League Signs in Miami, we’re dedicated to designing and installing your custom wayfinding signs with the perfect style, color, and materials for your needs.

How To Make Wayfinding Signs Effective

For every signage, some vital factors make a major impact on how effective the sign would be. At Major League Signs, we understand each and every business sign and the characteristics that can make or break the desired results. Things such as design play a vital role as the viewer must get a clear picture of what the signs are about. Their placement is another major factor as the point where the sign is to be installed must have high visibility. Placing them above the eye level is also very important as it boosts visibility and in general, people tend to look slightly higher than the line of sight. Another important factor is placing the custom directional or arrow signs a bit away from the location it is pointing to, this gives the viewers some time to react and make up their minds.

Based in Hialeah Gardens, we are a one-stop-shop for all your signage needs. We specialize in indoor signs, outdoor signs, vehicle wraps, custom banners and all forms of signage that help businesses gain more attention and earn more profit! Our services are also available in Miami & South Florida region.


No. Wayfinding is the process of finding one’s way in a space. It is how customers, clients, staff, and guests navigate your space. Wayfinding signage are signs that help people do this. Directory signs, exit signs, bathroom signs, and any sign that labels space or points the way counts as a wayfinding sign.

Wayfinding is a process. When someone arrives on your property, they might think, “I need to find aisle three,” or “I need to find the conference room,” or even “I need to find the bathroom.” They then begin wayfinding and making their way to that space. Wayfinding is like navigating.

Wayfinding signs help ensure your customers or staff members can easily make their way to where they need to be. That way, they can be productive, or they can use your space as you intend. If a customer cannot find their way, then they may get frustrated and leave.

In the context of signage, wayfinding is the most common term we use. However, you might hear of navigational signs, pathing signs, routing signs, or other kinds of signs that help direct people throughout your space. All of them signal to people where they are, which helps them find where they are going.

There is a very slight difference between wayfinding and navigating. Wayfinding is a more general term for how people get around your property. Navigating is more related to different techniques, like route navigation and landmark navigation. It is best to accommodate all kinds of navigating.

As a business, the benefits of focusing on wayfinding in your space can be great. It can help improve your processing, so your business as a whole is more efficient. Or, it can help your customers have a better experience on your property, thus strengthening your connection with them and potentially boosting sales.

When you are designing wayfinding signs, it is important to think about who will be trying to navigate your space and what they will look for. That includes your staff, your customers, and potential guests. Considering the needs of your customers or staff can lead to other insights as well.

Digital wayfinding signs are signs with digital screens that are meant to help people navigate a space. They may take many forms, but they could include a sign that displays an interactive map of a mall, or a sign for an airport that displays gate numbers and information about where different passengers can go.

Environmental graphic design is a design strategy that involves creating a space that promotes a specific feeling or mood. Designers are conscious of the overall environment and how each piece contributes to it. Wayfinding is an essential element of this, which helps people navigate through that space more easily.

Major League Signs offers the best custom wayfinding signs in Miami, Florida. We offer a wide range of sign types that can meet any navigational challenges in your space. If you’re in the area and are interested in making your space simpler to navigate, reach out to us today. Our team can help.

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