What Are the Different Types of Building Signs?

Business building signs

Building signs are used for many different reasons. From simply displaying the name of a business above the storefront to advertising to directory signs, outdoor signs help identify and promote organizations. With so many different types of signs to choose from, what sign is right for you?

In this article we are going to list out the different types of exterior building signs. Remember, this is a broad strokes list; every sign can be customized (and should be) to suit a business’s brand and advertising objectives.

Types of Building Signs

Which sign is best for you depends on your needs and space. Read about the different types of business building signs that are available.

Storefront signs

These are typically installed above the front entrance. Since they are such direct identifiers of a business, they reflect the aesthetic of the business and the industry. A business owner can choose from a variety of materials such as wood, metal or glass for their storefront signs.

Dimensional letters

As the name suggests, dimensional letters are three-dimensional in their design. The characters or shapes that comprise dimensional letter signs have ‘depth’ and are popularly used atop buildings. Dimensional signs offer a number of installation options, which explains their wide appeal with all types of businesses.

Channel letter signs

Channel letters are similar to dimensional letters in that they too are constructed as three-dimensional signs. The key difference is lighting: channel letters can be front-lit, reverse-lit, or both. Channel letters are also extremely customizable and are used not just for their utility but also their branding potential.


Billboard signs, or large format vinyl prints, are temporary signage that serve a primarily promotional purpose. Mounted on top of buildings, billboards are great for garnering impressions. Billboards signs are immensely customizable and can be finely tuned as per business use.

Lighted signs

Lighting is one of the easiest ways of increasing the effectiveness of building signs. Signs can be illuminated with spotlights, neon tubes and LED lights to name a few. Lighting can be incorporated into virtually all types of signs. With the widespread availability of LEDs, lighting has become a lot more cost effective too.

Hanging signs

Hanging signs come in several configurations: blade signs, projecting signs and more. They are usually mounted perpendicular to the building wall, which means they are directly in the line of sight of passers-by.

Awning signs

Awnings and canopies are great for ‘claiming your space’. They expand a business’s premises and help it dominate its surroundings. Awning signs are excellent signage not only for the visibility, but also the engagement a business can generate.

Digital signs

Electronic and digital signage is a fast-growing segment of building signs. Moving images and changeable messaging opens up a plethora of options for businesses. Not only are they engaging, digital signs can be interactive too.

Choosing the right sign in Miami

There is no shortage of creativity in Miami and a business needs to think outside the box to make itself really stand out. Our designers help business owners find the right building signs for their business and dominate their surroundings. Speak to a Major League Signs representative and receive a quote for your signage.

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