5 Reasons Hanging Signs Draw More Attention to Your Business

Hanging Signs Hialeah Gardens, Fl

Hanging signs are regarded as being very effective for drawing attention to the advertiser, why? Custom hanging signs occupy a special place – literally – that makes them more alluring than other forms of signage. Continue reading to find out how hanging business signs draw greater attention.

A sign is only as good as the message on it. Bland promotion even on a hanging sign will receive a lukewarm response.

  1. Motion

Not all signs that are hanged embody this, but soft signs like rooftop banners and hanging door signs draw attention through movement. The human brain is attracted to movement, and a sign that’s swaying gently is sure to attract eyeballs. If the sign cannot move (like a hanging storefront sign), a great way to attract attention is by using lighting.

  • Materials

Whereas traditional signage tends to conform to standard design practices, business owners can build truly unique custom signs. Acrylic, wood and metal can be used to create all types of new age and rustic looking signs. An example is a wooden hanging blade sign for a country themed bar.

  • Wow factor

When it comes to designing ceiling or hanging door signs, the sky is the limit. A business owner has complete freedom to incorporate stylistic and text elements and create signs that enhance the brand and showcase creativity. At Major League Signs we custom design every sign to make sure it reflects our customer’s brand and business.

  • Line of sight

A traditional board sign is placed parallel to the line of sight of the foot traffic (above a sidewalk or walkway). This means people must crane around to look at it. On the other hand, hanging business signs project out from the building and are directly in the line of sight of prospective customers.

  • Stand above

These signs help the business distinguish itself from its competition. They literally stand apart from surrounding businesses, garnering more attention in a crowded marketplace. Customizable signs allow business owners to keep changing promotions frequently, which makes them even more effective compared to the standard signage the competition is using.

Types of Custom Hanging Signs

There are myriad hanging options for this type of signage indoors and outdoors. In fact, signs can be used as temporary or permanent fixtures, which makes them perfect not only for everyday promotional activity but also for events. Note how popular they are at tradeshows (and how attendees congregate at booths that have hanging signs).

Outdoor signs – hanging channel letters, blade type signs, banners, hanging storefront signs

Indoor signs – tradeshows, shopping centres, malls, hanging door signs, ceiling signs

Affordable Signs in MiamiMajor League Signs works with businesses across Miami for all types of signage including custom hanging signs. Our team works with you to finalize location, city permits (if required), design and installation. Talk to us about a single sign or a complete sign package for your premises. We accept large and last-minute orders too.

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