Thinking About Outdoor Advertising? Consider Channel Letters

Channel Letter Signs

The potential of outdoor advertising to drive revenue is simply enormous. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America points to more than 2 in 3 people confirming their buying decisions are swayed by outdoor signs. That said, not just any sign will do. Signage has to be prominent and interesting – and it doesn’t hurt if it’s ripe for Instagram too.

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letters fulfill all the requirements for fun and engaging signage and then some. Before we talk about how they can supercharge an outdoor advertising effort, let’s explain exactly what channel letter signs are.

They are three dimensional signs. Each letter is individually constructed and contains its lighting setup within it. And that’s an essential feature of channel letter signs – they are always lighted, whether with front lit or reverse-lit channel letters (or both).

Note we don’t say signs have to be mounted on a wall. Channel letters can just as easily be placed on the ground, almost as an art installation would be. Because they are completely custom designed, they are used to engage visitors, drive engagement and become backdrops to selfies bound for social media.

These signs are highly customizable. Learn about the different types of channel letter signs.

Supercharge Your Outdoor Advertising

Letter signs have the potential to up your outdoor advertising game hugely. Here are a few ways this unique signage helps brand building and lead generation.

Create curiosity – New and attractive signage benefits from an element of surprise. People are curious about what it is and why it’s there. A brightly lit sign in the city square will drive a lot of visitors and feature on social media widely. A sign installed above a storefront intrigues passerby and persuades them to visit the establishment.

Make the location yours – A well-designed channel letter sign helps the business become the default ‘location marker’. People start using the brand/business name when referring to the spot – and what better way is there to win top of mind recall?

Attention grabbing – Halo-lit and open front signs are especially effective at drawing attention to themselves. They are attractive and lend the space an air of confidence about its identity. Not only do these signs make people look again, they are great trust-builders for potential customers, increasing the possibility of making the sale.

Tips for Designing Channel Letters

Not just any channel letter sign will work effectively as outdoor advertising. Signs need to be unique, creative, and vibrant. Here are a few design elements that must be considered when designing the sign. An experienced sign company like Major League Signs in Miami can bring any type of sign to life.

Font – We normally advise against using cursive fonts but in the case of letter signs, don’t let anything hold you back. Find the font that suits your design best.

Color – Not just what colors, think about how they can be incorporated in the sign. Colored lighting and reflecting light off colored surfaces can yield interesting results.

Size – Can you make it large? It depends on the space and the purpose of the sign. Ask our designers to show you templates so you can find the right size.

Location – Where the sign is installed is key to its success. Make sure it is prominently located and placed where people can see it without obstruction.

Want to design engaging signs for your brand or business? Talk to a sign specialist today to design your sign, and receive an estimate and timeline for your project.

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