Types of Channel Letter Signs you Should Consider

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A new sign for your storefront is an important decision. Most businesses do end up choosing front/back-lit channel letters because they are a more impactful and more modern-looking sign. However, just choosing channel letters is not enough. There are many different types of channel letters, normally defined by the different lighting they have.

Which type should you consider for your business? In general, you should think about all of them and then narrow your decision based on the input from your sign designer. Here are some of the different types of channel letters and the various factors that you should consider.

Front-Lit Channel Letters

This is the default option for channel letter signs. Front-lit channel letters have lighting built into the letter itself. They have an acrylic panel over the letter, which gives it color (although it might be a different material). Front-lit channel letters are suitable for almost all brands and situations. They also have the most dramatic look because the letter is lit up, but the space around it is not.

Halo-Lit Letters

Halo-lit channel letters are also called back-lit channel letters. These are the second most common sign type for custom channel letters. Instead of being lit up from the inside, these signs have lighting mounted outside the letters, just below and in front of them. They direct light backward so that the channel letters cast a shadow. This creates a halo of light around the sign and makes the letters stand out.

Combination Channel Letters

Combination channel letter signs have both internal and external lighting. They may also have other, unique lighting elements that a designer has created just for that sign. These signs are brighter because they have more lighting and then can have unique looks, which can enhance your brand identity if the sign was designed well.

Combination channel letter signs are among the most unusual, but they can also be a powerful option for the right brand or the right property.

How to Get Channel Letter Signs in Miami, Florida

The team at Major League Signs can help you choose which kind of channel letter sign works best for your brand and your purposes. We also have the expertise to design combination channel letters and unusual lighting options for your sign, which can help you stand out from the crowd.

Reach out to us today for front/back-lit channel letters in Miami, Florida.

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