Custom Office Lobby Signage: The Benefits and Importance for Branding

Custom Lobby Signs Miami, FL

Often, when you walk into your lobby, you might not think that something is missing. It may look nice, but it could also look better, with a lobby sign. Lobby signs might seem like an “extra” that you don’t really need. However, they are highly valuable assets that can help you build your brand and a more successful business.

In fact, the right custom lobby sign will do wonders for your Miami business in several ways as we’ll explain below.

Build Your Brand Image

A custom sign can, of course, reflect your brand image and the elements you’ve chosen for it. Our custom signs can have your precise colors, font, brand name, and potentially other aspects like your logo or your slogan.

However, our signs also have other design elements like material, texture, lighting, and more that can deepen your brand image. We can make reception signs that build on your brand identity instead of just echoing it. This can be a powerful asset for your company.

Draw in Customers

Lobby signs can turn guests into customers. If your lobby sign could be seen from outside your property, then it can help draw in people who walk by. If it is only visible in the lobby, then it can still help guests decide to make a purchase or an order, and it can help foster a longer-term relationship between you and your customers or guests. It’s always easier for customers to connect your great service to your brand when they see your lobby sign.

Create a Positive Atmosphere

Reception signs can do more than just indicate where the reception is. They also contribute to the overall environment in your office. That atmosphere can make the impact that you want on everyone—not just customers.

Lobby signs can inspire and engage staff, too. They can help candidates get on board with your company’s values and goals. They can also help make a better impression on guests. Whatever atmosphere you want, we can help you create it with the right sign.

Custom Lobby Signs From Major League Signs in Miami, FL

Business owners and managers who need to work on their branding, need to improve their lobby space or need to get any of the benefits that we listed above for their company should consider lobby signs.

Our expert designers can help you get an excellent sign that is an asset to your business and really deepens customers’ impression of your brand. Reach out today to get started.

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