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custom lobby signs Miami

First impressions can be the last impressions. So, it’s best to do your due diligence and make your lobby look the part. Smart furniture? Check. Someone to greet visitors. Check. Empty walls and no branding? Fail!

Business signs in the lobby show confidence in your brand.

Lobby signs are a must have for businesses. Whether it is a wall mounted logo and business name, tabletop signs that promote a recent award, you must engage your visitors. Fill their consciousness with your business. It’s what will help you make a dominant impression too.

There are many benefits to having interior signs in your lobby. Let’s remind ourselves of what some of these are:

  1. Custom lobby signs convey professionalism

Smart signs in your reception will exude professionalism. Clients, customers and vendors expect businesses in Miami to really set the theme in their open spaces. Meet and exceed those expectations, and you gain an upper hand in dealings. Make no mistake, seeing your branding again and again on interior signs will convince a visitor that your business is bigger than they thought it was.

  1. Signs that set the theme

Use the right color schemes for your business signs and you can design a very cohesive space. Many people start with brand colors. Naturally, the logo and brand name go up on the wall, and furniture and layout are designed around that. For professionals such as lawyers and law firms, dark colors and wood are excellent combinations. Just make sure your custom lobby signs are finished to a very high standard.

  1. Wayfinding signs for accessibility

It may seem obvious, but for visitors your office will seem intimidating. Make sure your lobby has wayfinding signs to help people navigate to conference rooms and washrooms. After all, not everyone likes to ask for directions. Moreover, with ADA compliant wayfinding signs, you can show your business is truly accessible for the visually impaired.

What kind of interior signs can you use in your lobby?

We can break down the kind of signs you can use in your lobby or reception area into two basic types: static signs and display signs.

Static signs – Static signs will be your more traditional signage. This can be the logo and brand name mounted on the wall, banners highlighting company strengths and plaques to showcase achievements.

Display signs – With display technologies having advanced so much, display signs have become a lot smaller too. These can now be installed indoors. As the name suggests, these can display moving images and bring dynamism to your lobby.

Currently, business signs in the lobby should comprise both static and display signs. Whereas static sign is effective and efficient (low lighting bills), display signs make your business seem more cutting-edge. There is something about moving images that conveys a sense of urgency and makes you seem more in tune with the times.

Best lobby signs in Miami

Don’t wait to get the best custom lobby signs for your business. Speak to a Major League Signs representative today and receive a free quote. Our design team helps business owners design an interior sign package, which offers a complete visual experience for visitors.

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