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Wall murals Miami

Wall murals have become all the new rage, as thousands of business owners are putting their blank walls to work with custom wall murals. Let’s be clear though, wall murals are not advertising. Lobby signs are designed for that purpose. Wall murals are your chance to show off your business’ creativity.

Did you know Deutsche Bank has the largest collection of corporate art in the world?

Especially if you are looking to refresh your office ambiance, large wall decals are great options. In this article, we are going to break down the business and creative benefits. Prepared to be amazed by the amazing return on investment you are going to find.

Let’s start with the practical benefits of wall murals first.

1. Affordable Miami wall murals

Wall murals are easy to design, inexpensive to print and install. You’d never believe it, looking at how striking they are! In fact, if you are trying to do up your office on a budget, they are a great option. Vinyl is a sturdy material too. It will last for many years, with little or no maintenance costs.

2. Quick installation

How long does it take to have a wall painted? A few weeks, at the very least. And the space is off-limits for that duration. With wall graphics in Miami, your vinyl wraps can be put up in one day! Our team designs, prints and cuts print off-site. That way, disruption to your operations is kept to a minimum.

3. Protection

Custom wall murals protect your walls from scratches and splashes. Most spills can even be wiped off. When the time comes to move to new offices, you’ll be grateful for wall wraps.

Express your creativity

Now the part you’ve been waiting to hear about. Wall graphics are cool! Just browse around on Instagram and you’ll find thousands of photos of businesses rocking vibrant designs. Make no mistake, every visitor who comes to your office takes note of how creative your space is. Even employees will their space reinvigorated. Nothing like art to get the creative juices flowing.

1. All designs and shapes

Wall murals can be anything you desire and need. Whether you want to maintain a professional atmosphere or showcase edgy artwork, murals are just the thing. Whatever you create on your computer screen or sketch in a notebook can be recreated perfectly.

2. Add creativity to your space

Wall murals, Miami business owners find, make their employees more creative. It’s hard to explain but looking at something artistic every day makes employees think more freely. You’ll find your staff feels greater job satisfaction too. Even clients and customers who visit your office will appreciate the extra thought you have invested into making your space stand out more. What buyer doesn’t like a business that respects itself?

3. Break out of the boring cubicle

We understand that office spaces can be prescriptive in of themselves. You can’t but help have cubicles to make efficient use of space. But keep with the same layout and drab walls and you’ll end up boring yourself. Enliven your office with custom wall murals. They really bring a place to life. Add a few spotlights and you can totally change the look and feel of your office.

Major League Signs helps business owners design and install wall murals in Miami. We are your one-stop-shop for all types of wall murals. Contact our team to find out how affordable murals are and how you can get started.

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