Why Channel Letters Are So Popular For Building Signs?

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Thinking about a new sign for the storefront of your business? Consider one of the most popular signage options for business – channel letter signs. You can see channel letter signage at grocery stores, retailers, auto shops, schools, and car washes.  They are all vying to get customers’ attention with a well-designed channel letter sign.

What Are Custom Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs are the custom-made metal or plastic letters frequently used on exterior building signs in Miami. They are often illuminated so they can be seen at night and from a distance. Channel letter signs have long been a popular choice for businesses who want to attract more customers and enhance their brand.

Types of Channel Letter Signs

  • Front-lit channel letters – Use neon or LED lights to illuminate the face of the letters.  These are the most common type of channel letter signs.
  • Reverse-lit channel letters – Mounted away from the wall, causing the light to form a halo effect behind the sign.
  • Combination-Lit and Back Lit Channel Lettering – Features an acrylic face and clear back, allowing the face of the letter to be illuminated with one color, and contrast it against a halo backlighting in a different color.
  • Open face channel letters – Designed with the face open exposing the neon illumination.

The Benefits Of Custom Signs In Miami

With channel letter signs, you can make sure that your building’s exterior is working for you, bringing in customers and showcasing your identity and your brand. Your building signs in Miami can be a powerful tool to attract attention and make people curious to know more about your business. Still not convinced if custom channel letter signs are right for you? Here are how custom channel letter signs can help your business:

Cost-Effective Marketing

  • A less expensive way to increase brand recognition through repeat impressions.
  • Channel letters are a relatively inexpensive one-time investment, especially when compared to traditional advertising options.
  • Channel letters have a range of affordable options from simple, ready-made letters to custom-made LED designs.

Boost Your Brand Image

  • Communicate your company’s attitude, energy, and vision, build your brand and expose it to the world.
  • Channel letters can easily be custom fit to match your brand.

Major League Signs: Custom Signs In Miami For Your Business

Are you looking to add or update your current building signs in Miami? Major League Signs supplies businesses with a variety of commercial signage, including channel letter signs. We work with clients to design and deliver custom building signs in Miami that perfectly match your branding efforts. Contact us today to receive a personalized quote.

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