Lure Customers Into Your Stores With Window Signs in Miami

Window Signs in Miami

Window signs in Miami have become an oft-used advertising technique. However, simply installing vinyl window signs does not mean you will automatically attract more customers. Whether your store is in the heart of a busy shopping district or in a busy mall, your messaging has to be on point.

People have learned to tune out boring window signs subconsciously, just like they do hoardings, advertisements and billboards.

Gone are the days of simple designs; today’s savvy business owners know graphics need to pop to make an impression. In fact, a survey by FedEx showed just that: 64% of young business owners (up to 34 years old) prefer creatively designed graphics.

So how do you design effective vinyl window signs?

Define a purpose for your window signs in Miami

Every sign you place on your window should serve a purpose. In fact, every element of that sign must correlate to a broader strategy. This will make your message a lot more cohesive, rather than random. A simple design strategy is: brand, identity of business, and promotional message. Simply, it means to have your logo, what your business sells, and an attractive offer as windows signs for your business.

Colors, Contrast, and Branding

It is almost unanimously agreed by business owners that fonts on windows signs need to be clear and legible. Hollywood may make curvy scripts look good on storefronts, but in the real world, they will turn away customers. Bold fonts, which contrast with their surroundings, are most effective. People can make them out in their peripheral vision. What’s more, try and incorporate your brand into the messages themselves. Wordplay, using brand colors and styles will come across as intelligently designed and make your store more desirable.

Confused what color combinations are best for contrast? The Outdoor Advertising Association of America has a handy guide.

Keep it simple

There is a tendency to get carried away with window graphics. Some business owners have too much text, others have lots of small elements. To someone walking past your store, all these will just look like a grey-brown mess. Ask yourself, can my ideal customer decipher the vinyl window signs with just one quick glance? If so, you are on your way to achieving successful window signs for business.

Don’t skimp on quality

Window signs in Miami also suffer another problem: quality! Poorly cut signs, frayed edges and improper installation are huge turn-offs for customers. After all, if a business doesn’t care about its appearance, it probably doesn’t care about its customers either, right. Window signs are an intimate form of advertising. Your customers will sometimes be no more than two feet away from them. Make sure imperfections don’t overpower your messaging.

Custom window signs for business

At Major League Signs, we work with many business owners for their window signs. From franchise service providers and fast-food chains to boutique businesses, we work on a range of requirements and designs. Our team helps owners find interesting and eye-catching designs for their stores. Best of all, we are a one-stop-shop, looking after the design, printing and installation of your vinyl window decals. Call us today to find out how quick, easy and affordable it is to get window signs for your business.

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