How to Get More Business with Yard Signs

Yard Signs in Pembroke Pines, FL

Is your business looking for more ways to attract your local market? Research shows that 80% of in-store purchases are done within 20 miles of a customer’s home. Proximity is a crucial factor in making everyday buying decisions.

With other competitors in your community, how do you divert attention to your business? A simple yet effective way to do this is through commercial yard signs.

Driving More Foot Traffic with Yard Signs in Miami, FL

Yard signs are valuable marketing strategies for any brick-and-mortar business. They may look small and simple, but they are very effective in grabbing the attention of anyone walking or driving by. They are also affordable, which means you can make multiple signs to attract more people to your business.

Let us look at some tips when you want to use custom yard signs to get more business.

Establish Your Goals

When starting an advertising campaign, it is always important to know your goals. Your objectives can guide you through making the right decisions on:

  • Design
  • Number of signs
  • Placement
  • And more

For instance, your target demographic in Miami, FL, can influence the colors and typeface used on your signs.

Effective Design Strategy

You only have a few seconds to catch and sustain the attention of your target audience. It is important to keep this in mind when creating your yard sign designs.

A basic rule is to keep your message short and simple. With only a few seconds to spare, being direct is key to effectively putting your message across. Too many details can overwhelm your reader and make them uninterested.

Legibility is also important in making sure people read your custom yard signs. Choose a font style and size that can be read even from a distance. Keeping white spaces around important details of your sign is also a great way to make your message pop.

Lastly, using arrows is also a great way to direct customers to your business. If you are located nearby, putting up a yard sign that points towards your business make it easier for customers to visit your space.

Position and Placement

As mentioned, 80% of your customers live within 20 miles of your business location. Choosing the right areas to put your signs on is crucial for maximum visibility.

Assess your area to know which directions you get the most traffic from. Putting up commercial yard signs on both sides of the street can be effective in getting the attention of motorists coming from different directions.

High-traffic intersections, as well as targeted neighbourhoods, are also key areas that can help you get more business. The more people see your sign, the more traffic you can attract to your business.

The Best Yard & Lawn Signs in Miami, FL

Engage your local market today with eye-catching yard signs from Major League Signs! We produce high-quality sign solutions that are sure to drive more traffic to your business in Miami, FL.

Whether you need a single sign or multiple signs to support your advertising campaign, we’re here to help! You can always expect excellent products delivered with excellent customer service from our team.

Contact us today and get started with attention-grabbing yard signs in Miami!

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