How Lobby Signs Strengthen Your Image

Corporate office lobby signage

Your brand image is the essential mediator between your business and your customers. The way that your business is perceived helps you draw in customers and build a strong relationship with them that ensures loyalty and keeps them returning to you. Strengthening that brand image should therefore be very important to your business. If you have a lobby, a custom lobby sign can help with this essential marketing goal.

How do lobby signs do this? You’ve probably seen elegant lobby signs in the halls of some of the offices or stores that you visit in Miami, from dental offices to accountants. These make strong impressions on everyone who walks in and, when they are designed right, promote the brand. Here’s what you need to know about getting a powerful sign like this for yourself.

The Right Brand Representation

Any sign company can give you a custom lobby sign that has your precise brand font and color. Including elements like a logo or a tagline are also simple. But there are many other sign-specific decisions that will also impact the overall success of your sign and how it portrays your brand. These include:

  • Lighting: There are many lighting options for your sign that can impact how the sign is received.
  • Placement: Where should your sign go? Trust our designers to help you choose the right spot to make your lobby look as good as the sign does.
  • Materials: There are many material options for lobby signs including acrylic, wood, glass, metals, etc.

Impressing Your Customers

While the best lobby signs give off rich impressions of your brand, your customer doesn’t need to necessarily take that all in to be impacted. Simply having a lobby sign can increase your stature in your customer’s eyes.

Lit and Digital Lobby Signs  

If you want to make the best use of your lobby sign, we suggest that you choose a lighted lobby sign. Even a simple backlit lobby sign looks dramatically more professional, attracts more attention, and also contributes to the interior décor more than an average sign. Digital signs can display varied messages and they look even more professional. Digital is a great option if you really want to stand out.

 Trust Major League Signs with Your Brand Image

We offer everything from backlit lobby signs to simple wall vinyl lobby signs. You can trust us to help you get a design that will work for your brand and for your budget. If you’re in Miami, FL contact us today.



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