Learn How Vinyl Lettering Can Impact Your Miami Business

Custom Wall Graphics for Interiors

What is the secret to those flat, vibrant letters applied to glass, vehicles, walls, and more? The secret is vinyl, a thin and highly durable material that is an exceptional option for a business sign. These signs start off as thin sheets of this plastic-like material that we then custom cut and dye to create just the sign that your business needs. Learn how you can use vinyl lettering to promote your business below.

Kinds of Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl can be used inside and outside, as well as on a very wide range of surfaces from glass to drywall. That means that there are many different kinds of vinyl lettering, each used for a different reason in a different spot. Consider these kinds of vinyl lettering:

  • Vinyl vehicle lettering: Place your brand name, slogan, or other information on the side of your vehicle and then drive it around Miami to promote yourself.
  • Vinyl wall lettering: You can place lettering on your walls to point out products, indicate sections of stores, promote your brand, or help with wayfinding.
  • Vinyl floor lettering: Floor lettering has been more popular recently because of the need to indicate social distancing. But, it can also be used for promotion and wayfinding.
  • Vinyl storefront lettering: Post your brand name, store hours, or other information on the glass windows in your storefront with vinyl lettering.
  • Vinyl door lettering: You can indicate which washroom this is, whose office this is, or just what in general is behind the door.

Why Choose Vinyl Letters?

There are many advantages of vinyl letters that make them great sign options in a wide range of circumstances. Here are some reasons you should choose these signs:

  • They are available in a huge range of sizes.
  • They are relatively inexpensive, especially as compared to metal signs.
  • We offer high-quality prints that can include vivid images and bold text.
  • These signs can be peeled off easily without damaging the surface underneath.
  • You can use them as seasonal signs or as permanent options.

Talk with Major League Signs Today

If you’re considering vinyl signs in Miami, you should reach out to Major League Signs. We offer everything from vinyl wall lettering to vinyl vehicle lettering. Our experts will guide you through the selection, design, and installation process to ensure that you’re happy with the results.


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