Advertise Your Business With Channel Letters

LED Channel letter signs made by Major League Signs in Miami, FL

Outdoor channel letters are three-dimensional marketing tools installed at your storefront. Unlike most signs, each element of this signage is individually cut, molded, and installed on a mount or wall surface. They are internally illuminated with LED tubes to create that unique visual appeal. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should invest in them.

Gain a Competitive Advantage With Channel Letter Signs

If you don’t want your business to be ignored or overlooked by passersby, the exterior building must have the right elements that help you stand out. Putting up high-quality illuminated channel letter signs is a great way to give your company an edge, especially if you are located on busy streets or surrounded by numerous competitors. With the right design and installation strategy, these signs should be visible from far away, giving you more opportunities to grab the interest of more potential customers.

24/7 Cost-Effective Advertising

With digital marketing, you get charged for every impression the advertisement makes. Print media can be expensive as well since there’s a lot that goes into producing and showcasing your ads. However, with illuminated channel letter signs, the primary cost goes to the design, manufacturing, and installation process. Once that’s done, you’re good to go! You can freely promote your business day to night, regardless of the weather condition since these are illuminated with long-lasting and inexpensive LED tubes.

Channel Letter Signs Have Amazing Customization Options

Outdoor channel letters come in four different illumination styles. Front-lit signs are the go-to of many entrepreneurs because of their natural charm and eye-catching qualities. Each letter of this structure is hollow, which is where the LED tubes are inserted. They have tinted signage faces that match the color of your trademark or preferred design.

Are you looking for something more elegant and sophisticated? Halo-lit letters might be the best option for you. We install LED tubes at the back of the signage so that the light bounces off from the surface, creating an impressive halo effect. Do you want to invest in signs that make the most impact? We highly recommend combination channel letters because these come with front and back illumination, which will make your business stand out even more. Are you into creative, artistic, or retro signs? You must install open-face neon channel letters instead.

We also offer more customization options for these visual communication tools. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

Impressive Brand Reinforcement

Do you want your hotel to have this luxurious image? We can put up halo-lit letters because these are known to have that elegant and elevated appeal. Do you want your bar to have a “retro-meets-modern” ambiance? We can produce impressive neon channel signs that not only attract a lot of people but also compels them to take pictures with them.

Eco-Friendly Signage Solution

Fabricated channel letters are illuminated with a light-emitting diode, which lasts longer and shines brighter than its counterparts. With a more energy-efficient illumination source, you consume less electricity and don’t have to keep replacing and throwing away old light tubes or bulbs.

Where Can I Find the Best Channel Letters in Miami, FL?

Major League Signs is one of the most recommended manufacturers of visual communication tools in the area. We are passionate about creating solutions that help achieve the goals of our clients, whether it is brand awareness, sales increase, and everything in between.

Our fabricated channel letters are not just visually pleasing but highly effective in promoting your business as well. They are strategically designed, manufactured, and installed in a way that adds value to your company.

Claim your free consultation today to get started.

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