Wayfinding Signs: 5 Tips To Design Them To Perfection

Digital Wayfinding Signage in Miami, FL

Did you know that interior wayfinding signage can be crucial to your business success? Directional signs can serve a variety of crucial purposes for your business, including ensuring your customers are in the right place and directing them around your office space.

Creating effective and attractive digital wayfinding signage can be an art, especially since there is such a wide array of interior wayfinding signage at your disposal. From directional signs to informational signs, each type of interior wayfinding signage can be thought of a puzzle piece, which needs to fit into a cohesive whole for effective branding.

Here are 5 tips in order to design the perfect digital wayfinding signage for your business:

Know Your Commercial Space

  • Take the time to walk around your commercial space, viewing it as if through the eyes of your customers – especially those who are walking into your office for the first time.
  • Consider the various landmarks as you walk along, including places that are easy to navigate and those that present a potential problem.


Never Make Assumptions

  • Never assume that your customers will automatically know where to go when they walk into your office.
  • Look for points where a decision must be made on where to travel, such as areas like staircases, elevators, entrances, and exits.
  • These are all obvious places to locate interior wayfinding signage to help visitors make informed decisions.

Keep Signs Clear And Concise

  • You want to make sure that your digital wayfinding signage is easy to read and understand for your visitors.
  • Make sure to use legible fonts and larger print, with a simple message that’s to the point.
  • Your customers are only looking to get from Point A to Point B without getting frustrated trying to read your directional signs.

Ensure Signage Is Up To Date

  • It’s important to ensure your directional signs continue to stay up to date and are informative to your customers.
  • For example, if any routes have changed, then outdated signs will cause confusion and disorientation – where you should be trying to introduce order and clarity.

Use Quality Materials

If you want your directional signs to stand up to the test of time and other wear-and-tear issues you could encounter, it’s important to choose long-lasting materials. Our expert team has many years of experience creating interior wayfinding signage and can provide you with the highest quality material in order to ensure your signs last.

Major League Signs: Get Custom Digital Wayfinding Signage For Your Business

Are you looking to add or update your current directional signs? Major League Signs supplies businesses with a variety of commercial signage, including interior wayfinding signage. We work with clients to design and deliver custom digital wayfinding signage that perfectly matches your branding efforts. Contact us today to receive a personalized quote.

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