Why Sidewalk Signs Are So Popular Among Miami Businesses

Outdoor Sidewalk Signs Miami

Sandwich board signs have been a staple for many businesses. Whether it is restaurant signs displaying the menu or sidewalk signs promoting an event in the city, they have always been a reliable alternative of amplifying the reach of any message.  

For businesses in Miami, custom sidewalk signs are an affordable way to advertise to their target audience who is either driving or passing by their stores or offices. They can be customized into any shape, size, or form to meet brand guidelines.  

Types of sidewalk business signs:  

Sidewalk signs are very common in Miami, let’s explore their types and understand how they are different from each other.  

Sidewalk sandwich board signs  

They are one of the most popular types of sidewalk signs and are also known as A-frame sandwich board signs. They have a very simple design, with two separate panels locked at the top and fastened to open at nearly a 20-degree angle.  

Pavement signs  

These signs are mounted on a sturdy base which could be either metal or plastic to provide them the required stability. The sign itself is mounted on a rigid or flexible frame.  

Chalkboard signs  

Chalkboard signs can be A-frame or pavement-type signs. They are a popular choice among restaurants as they can be cleaned up and used to promote a different message any number of times.  

Many sign companies in Miami offer standard sizes for A-frame sandwich board signs but at Major League Signs, we can provide customized dimensions of your choice. You can also choose the base material like plastic, metal, or wood. Every material has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages and it also affects the cost of sidewalk business signs in Miami.   

Benefits of Custom Sidewalk Signs for Your Business:  

If you are running a retail business in Miami, you cannot go wrong with sandwich board signs. They are known to offer an excellent return on investment as they offer high visibility and due to their sturdy nature, they do not require much maintenance. Here are some of the major advantages they offer: 

  • Affordable in comparison to other outdoor signs  
  • Portable, easy to move around and easy to fold and store  
  • Sturdy, durable and do not require maintenance  
  • No limitation of what can be displayed  
  • In the case of chalkboards, many messages can be displayed on the same signboard  

If you are looking for more information on how custom sidewalk signs can bring value to your Miami business, get in touch with the signage experts at Major League Signs. We are a full-service signs and graphics manufacturer that can fulfill all your signage requirements in Miami and nearby areas.   

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