What Lobby Signs Say About Your Business In 2020

Custom Lobby Signs

In the business environment of 2020, age is a good thing. Prospective clients and customers look for businesses that have been around for a number of years. The Wall Street Journal takes the example of Evernote, a popular note-taking app, whose CEOs have pointed to three different years of founding.

Custom lobby signs are integral to showcasing a business’s pedigree. Even the most hardened of investors will struggle to not be put off by a blank reception wall, no matter how disruptive the start-up. In this article we are looking at what interior lobby signs say about business in 2020.

Benefits of custom lobby signs

Before we talk about the impression lobby signs create, let’s look at some of their benefits.

Branding – Every business is expected to have an identity and office lobby signs display the brand proudly and create a strong first impression.

Differentiate – They immediately distinguish the business from others in the vicinity and convey uniqueness.

Atmosphere – Lobby signs elevate the atmosphere of the office, making it more professional and fostering teamwork.

Lobby signs are not just visually pleasing, they are essential wayfinding tools for visitors too.

What do people expect of businesses in 2020?

Clients and customers expect to work with professional businesses in this day and age. There is an expectation of reliability and solidity – with a promise of innovation. Every business, whether in the retail space, healthcare, financial services, or any other field must live up to these demands.

What office lobby signs say about your business

The first impression can make or break a lead – and lobby signs help convert the lead. Visitors are more likely to form positive impressions of the business if they see lobby sign. Here are a few reasons why that is.

Longevity – We started off talking about the business’s age and lobby signs cement that perception of solidity. A business with a lobby sign conveys an intention to be sustainable and an industry leader.

Brand-proud – The business name and logo displayed prominently in the lobby shows the business takes pride in its identity and the work it does.

Statement of intent – It is the mark of a business that values its principles and is determined to succeed in the industry. A business that is uninterested in showcasing its own brand is more likely to suggest a ‘fly-by-night’ image.

Professionalism – Visitors who see a lobby sign will immediately associate the establishment with professionalism. It acts as a ‘seal’ of high business standards and commitment to service.

Creativity – Innovation is expected of all businesses in 2020, and custom lobby signs help showcase that streak of creativity. Gone are the days when reception signs were bland or static; today, intricate designs can realize a fantastic vision.

Cutting edge – Modern interior lobby signs are a great way to showcase a business’s high-tech credentials. Digital displays, easily changeable elements and LED lighting give businesses a lot of freedom to keep reinventing their lobby.

Contemporary interior signs in Miami

We understand the importance of contemporary signage in Miami. In fiercely competitive business environments, custom interior signs like lobby signs, door signs, wayfinding signage and wall murals can make all the difference. It’s why we work closely with businesses to create affordable and quality indoor and outdoor signage. Speak to a representative at Major League Signs to discuss your lobby sign requirement and receive an estimate.

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