Wayfinding Signs in the Age of Social Distancing

Easy wayfinding signs in Miami, Florida

Social distancing has made a major impact across the world and has certainly changed the way businesses operate. As we are gearing up for the revival, restrictions are being lifted with stores, schools, and offices that are slowly reopening or planning for the same. But these months have made one thing very clear, it won’t be business as usual. The challenge for business owners is to align themselves with the new reality.

This new way of living, like any other skill, will take time to be perfected. Everyone will be extra careful as things go back to normal. How people interact or navigate through a facility will change too. Custom wayfinding signs will play a crucial role in assisting employees as well as customers to take necessary actions to move safely. We have outlined a few ideas on how well-planned directional signs for businesses will help customers to be at ease.

Social distancing safety signs in Miami, FL

Here are three tips that can make custom wayfinding signs more effective in the world of social distancing:

Less Alarming and More Polite

The signage should not reflect a message that induces stress, instead, it should communicate more politely. Sometimes to put more emphasis on the message, business owners choose color palettes or fonts that create a sense of urgency or fear among the audience. A good example would be to avoid messages like “Put on A Mask” and use something like “Let’s Wear Masks”. As these things instill a sense togetherness and move people towards a collective objective.

Think it Through

When you are planning wayfinding signs for your office you must consider what is important to customers who are coming back, how they think, and what they need the most. Of course, safety is one of the primary concerns, but how can you help them navigate smoothly with that? A friendly message at the entrance like “Welcome Back” or “Good to See You Again” will certainly add positivity, floor decals should be used for maintaining physical distance and wall signs can be used to provide the right directions to visitors.

Promotions and Branding

With the help of right messages, symbols, and pictures, custom wayfinding signs can be used to give a subtle reminder of your brand or any promotional campaign to customers. You can also highlight your brand by including brand elements such as colors, fonts, tag lines, and logo while sending out messages like “Wash Your Hands Regularly” or “Sanitize Your Hands”. These messages send a clear signal to visitors of what is expected from them and develop a sense of involvement with your brand. Additionally, it creates an image that your business is responsible and taking all measures to ensure the safety of the customers.

Maintain Social Distancing Safety Signs in Miami, FL

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