Want Your Business to Stand Out? Get Monument Signs

Colorful Monument Signs in Miami, FL

When it comes to commercial entrance signs, monument signs are by far some of the most attractive and effective alternatives. They really draw attention to your business and make your brand stand out from the rest.

What is a monument sign?

Monument signs are freestanding structures mounted on the ground and essentially appear to be landmarks. In some cases, they are also placed at some distance from the entrance to help customers find the right location with ease. In a way, they act as an extension of your brand as they aren’t mounted right next to the entrance.

Unlike pylon signs, which are more than 12 – 15 feet taller, monument signs are placed on the ground and are elevated to enhance their design and complement the visibility.

What are monument signs made of?

The façade of a monument sign can be made of any number of materials. They can be made from wood, stone, concrete, metal, bricks, or stucco. You can also choose to illuminate them using LED or neon lights and even place a digital display to showcase multiple messages at the same time.

How monument signs set you apart

Monument signs can play a major role in making your business stand out. There are a few benefits mentioned above, but they have a lot more to offer.

Eminence – Custom monument signs are known to capture attention like nothing else. Whether people are walking past or driving by, they will notice your sign. Using high contrast lettering can really make your brand name impossible to ignore.

Memorable Designs– Monument sign designs are always unique as they are not one of those signs that are mass-produced. With so many varieties of materials to choose from, business owners can create memorable designs that leave a permanent impression in customer’s memories. 

Communication – Many businesses use their monument sign as a medium to communicate with their customers. For a traditional appearance, a sign with changeable letters can be used and for a modern appearance, digital display boards are a perfect choice. When a brand regularly updates messages, customers develop a habit of coming to see the sign.

Local Landmarks – One of the biggest branding advantages that monument signs offer is they can turn your business location into a landmark. For businesses that are more focused on the local audience, it is one of the best strategic advantages that they can have.

Major League Signs: Your Trusted Signage Partner in Miami, FL

Monument signs are effective tools for outdoor advertising, but it is equally important that they are remembered for the right reasons. As they are a long-term investment, you must choose to work with experts who can deliver what you are looking for. 

Major League Signs is a full-service sign company located in Miami, FL. We specialize in producing all types of custom business signs that help businesses communicate effectively with their audience.

Contact us today to get contemporary design ideas for your monument sign.

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