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Successful business owners make good use of every space they have to benefit their business. Any space is an opportunity to promote your brand, products, and services.

Does your Miami business have a lot of blank wall space? Let your walls work for you by investing in the right wall signs today! 

What is a Wall Sign?

Corporate wall signs are any type of sign that can be mounted to your wall spaces. These signs can be used both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors, wall signs make any boring wall attractive. This helps catch the attention of people passing by.

Indoors, these signs help enhance your business’s atmosphere. They can be used as a promotional tool, wayfinding tool, and the like. 

Wall graphics installation by Major League Signs for Harvest Center International in Miami, FL
Custom Wall Murals for Business
Custom Wall Murals for Business

Types of Wall Signs

The cost of wall signs depends on various factors like the type of sign, size, and material used. This means there will always be a sign perfect for your business needs and budget. To start with, here are a few options you can choose from. 

  • Vinyl Wall Signs. These are printed vinyl adhesives that are applied to any wall space. It is a convenient way of turning any blank wall into an attractive feature within your facility.
  • Metal Wall Signs. These are signs made out of metal that are mounted on your walls. Metal signs include dimensional signs, engraved metal plates, and the like.
  • Office Wall Logo. These are signs used to brand your office spaces. Wall logos are popularly used as lobby signs. However, they can also adorn hallways, conference rooms, and other areas.
  • Decorative Wall Signs in Miami. Decorative wall signs improve your business’s aesthetic. Instead of wallpaper, these are used to decorate your walls to create a livelier space.

Don’t see the sign you need? Don’t fret! Major League Signs offers a wide range of custom wall signs for your business needs. Give us a call to learn more. 

Uses of Wall Signs

Every Miami business has unused wall space that they can use to their advantage. Here are some ways your walls can add value to your business through signs. 

  • Business wall signs are popular as lobby signs. Mounted in your lobby area, they effectively welcome customers to your business.
  • Office wall signs are excellent as wayfinding signs. Mounted higher up on your walls, they are highly visible. This makes it easier for customers to navigate your space.
  • Wall signs can be used to showcase your products and services. They can effectively sway a customer’s buying decision while inside your space.
  • Wall graphics help keep your employees motivated. They can be used to display messages and quotes that inspire your team every day.
Custom Wall Murals for Business
Custom Wall Murals for Business

Your Trusted Sign Partner in Miami

Let your walls add value to your business by installing eye-catching wall signs! Let Major League Signs help transform your walls into an effective marketing tool through wall decals and signs.

In Miami, businesses trust our team to create high-quality sign solutions. We are a full-service sign company that offers a wide variety of signs that fit your business needs.

Give us a call today for your signage and we’ll give you a free quote. 

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