Vehicle Graphics

Is your business looking for creative marketing solutions to boost your visibility in Miami? Are you trying to bring more awareness to your brand?

Visibility and brand awareness are excellent ways to set yourself apart from the competition. Make customers take notice of your brand through custom vehicle graphics.

Choosing Vehicle Graphics in Miami

Vehicle graphics are vinyl adhesives that are added to your cars, trucks, or vans. These can be vinyl graphics of your business name, logo, and other details to advertise your business.

Businesses that don’t want to commit to vehicle wraps choose vehicle decals instead. Adding graphics to your vehicles puts focus on specific parts to gain attention.

Despite being relatively smaller in detail, these are still very effective in giving you business exposure. Each time your vehicle is out on deliveries or service calls is an opportunity to promote your brand.

Impressive Vehicle Graphics “Near Me”

Expand your market reach in Miami with effective vehicle signs and graphics today. Major League Signs can help enhance your vehicles to boost your brand.


We produce high-quality, vibrant vinyl graphics that can leave an impression on your target customers. Give us a call for a FREE consultation with our sign experts!


A wrap is a vinyl sheet that is placed on and fitted to a vehicle. The sheet is first printed with a design and or text. On vans they are most often used to advertise a business or a product. However, some people also choose to add wraps to their vans for decorative or aesthetic purposes.

A wrapped truck is a truck that has a vinyl wrap adhered to it. You might also hear them called vinyl wrapped trucks or wrapped vehicles. Again, these wraps when used on work vehicles are usually intended to promote the brand or individual that owns the truck.

The cost to wrap a commercial truck really varies based on the size and shape of the vehicle. Larger vehicles will be more expensive to wrap. However, one good thing about the cost of commercial vehicle wraps is that they are a one-time payment, unlike many other kinds of advertising.

There are three main kinds of wraps for vehicles: decals, partial wraps and full wraps. Decals are the smallest and most affordable. Partial wraps only cover part of the vehicle. Full wraps cover the whole vehicle and are the most impactful and expensive. We can help you assess which kind of wrap you need.

There are three main kinds of car wraps available. However, don’t let that number fool you. Every wrap is unique and should have a perfectly customized design that fits your brand or the product that you are trying to promote. We can get you a personalized car wrap for your specific vehicle.

It really depends. Vinyl wraps on vehicles should last a few years. We use a high-end vinyl wrap product from 3M to ensure that you get the most life out of your vinyl wrap. However, exposure to sunlight, rain, snow, and other elements will eventually wear on the wrap.

The vehicle wrapping process is a fun and efficient process. We start off by creating a design for your specific vehicle’s size and shape. Once you approve the final design, we have the design printed onto the vinyl material. Then, we cover the vehicle with the wrap and seal it down.

Some people just want to change the color of their vehicle and not necessarily use a wrap to advertise their business. If you just want to wrap a truck black, we’ll also need to know your vehicle and its size in order to give you an accurate quote. Reach out to us and we can help you.

No, it is not easy to scratch vehicle wraps. While they resist everyday wear and tear, you should still try to keep your vehicle free of scratches and out of the way of potential causes of scratches. That said, if you get it scratched, we can repair it.

So your vehicle wrap has a big scratch in it. What do you do? Call us. We can repair scratches in vinyl wraps. In fact, you may find that the vinyl protected the paint and vehicle beneath the scratch and that you only need to get the wrap repaired and not the rest of the vehicle.

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