Types of Custom Outdoor Hanging Signs for Business

Outdoor Hanging Signs for Bakery in Miami, FL

Businesses in Miami, FL, are always on the lookout for the best signs to increase visibility. Especially for companies that rely on their local market, visibility is key to more customers and more profit. One sign that can effectively reach your target market is hanging signs.

Hanging signs are typically either suspended from a ceiling or store fixture, fixed to a post, or attached to a wall. Because they are elevated, metal hanging signs give a great viewpoint even from a distance.

Their height also takes advantage of an unused wall or ceiling space. Without disrupting foot traffic, you’re able to attract attention and drive more customers in.

Available Outdoor Hanging Signs

Hanging business signs can function in many different ways. Apart from business identification, they are helpful as wayfinding signs and promotional materials.

There are a number of different types of hanging signs available. Here are 5 of the most common choices for business owners:

Banners – the simplest and most affordable hanging sign option. Banner hanging signs are a popular choice since it’s lightweight, easy to install, and customizable. These are also reusable, which makes it a wise investment, especially for seasonal events and promotions.

HDU – used to mimic the look and finish of the wood. HDU signs are perfect if you want a rustic look without the risk of wood damage.

Dibond – its aluminum composite and solid plastic core make it durable and long-lasting. The materials are also resistant to chemicals, rustproof, waterproof, and rot-proof. Dibond hanging signs are a great choice if you want a sign that’s lightweight, low-maintenance, and easy to install.

Engraved – available in plastic, metal, or acrylic, engraved hanging signs are a great way to add a unique spin to your business space. We also offer a variety of custom engraving colors to make a more eye-catching sign that reflects your brand.

Aluminum – a popular choice for hanging signs because of its durability and favorable cost. Thickness options are available depending on how weatherproof you need it to be. Standard shapes are a typical choice. However, we can custom make its shape for a more unique and attractive metal hanging sign.

Your Top Sign Experts in Miami, FL

Whichever type of hanging business sign you choose, it is guaranteed to get you more visible in your local community. Major League Signs will be hard at work to deliver the best signage solutions for you. For more information about our high-quality hanging signs, contact us today for a free hanging signs consultation!

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