Trade Show Displays: A Professional Outlook For Your Business

Custom Trade Show Displays at Major League Signs in Miami

For small and mid-size business owners preparing for trade shows in Miami can be a fraught exercise. From what to promote to how to promote it, there are a lot of decisions to take. Then there’s the question ‘how should the trade show booth look?’ Unless you are going to a themed trade show, aim for a professional looking booth.

Make sure your booth gets the basics right: your custom trade show displays look smart, you have room to sell your goods and services, and your branding is placed prominently. Get these basics right and you have already won half the battle of trying to build your business credentials.

Custom trade show displays go a long way to convincing interested audiences that your business means business.

Before you can plan for that, you need to know your trade show booth inside out. The more information you have the better you will be able to plan your custom trade show booth banners and layout.

  • Dimensions and square footage of the booth
  • Do you have wall space for the company logo?
  • How many electrical outlets do you have access to?
  • How much lighting is available?
  • Are there any obstructions?
  • Do you have a corner booth?

All these things will help you plan for the kind of advertising you need. For instance, a corner booth will be open on two adjacent sides, giving you more visibility into the interior of the booth. It also means you need to have banners that are visible from both sides.

Essentials for custom trade show displays

Cohesive branding – Banners, displays and free-standing hoardings need to have cohesive branding. That does not mean they all need to look the same, just that they need to work together to enhance your brand’s colors, logo and message. Too many contrasting colors will disrupt that image and make for an unmemorable experience.

Tablecloth – Custom trade show booth tablecloths are not always made of textile. Many business owners choose vinyl drapes too, which are more forgiving of spills and scratches than cloth. Table drapes are a great branding opportunity, as also a means of information. For instance, a measurement scale or interesting ‘Did you know’ features printed on the table covering will be a great point of conversation as you demonstrate your product.

Custom exhibit displays – Well-lit and see-through exhibit displays are an extremely undervalued fixture in booth design. These really help showcase your products. Whether it is jewelry or office supplies, everything looks more desirable on a pedestal bathed in light.

Custom exhibit display that are easy to manage

Logistics – that is the biggest challenge posed by any trade show. Transporting booth material to the show, erecting it, and then dismantling it, is the biggest challenge. That’s why you need a partner like Major League Signs in Miami. We work with many businesses for their custom trade show display all year round.

Our team makes sure your custom trade show booth displays are portable and small. Whether it’s a floor-standing sign or a 20-foot display, we’ll make sure your displays are as easy to assemble as possible.

Get ready for the Major League Signs experience

Our team is comprised of trade show and sign-creating veterans who brings years of experience. We provide short turnaround times and even cater to last minute orders. It’s why our clients don’t look at as ‘those people who print banners’ – we are reliable partners who make your trade show experience a success. Give us a call and find out how we can help you with your custom exhibit displays.

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