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outdoor address signs

Your home displays its street address, why shouldn’t your office? Outdoor address signs are one of the most important and one of the most overlooked types of sign. They are important identifiers of your office premises and crucial to visitors finding your space.

What are outdoor address signs

At its very simplest, an outdoor address sign is a simple plaque or board that mentions your street address. Many address signs simply mention the property number, but others do include some information about the business too.

For businesses located inside a commercial building, address number signs are essential, especially if the property manager does not provide standard signage. For a homeowner, house address signs are a matter of convenience, safety (learn below why it is so important) and being house proud.

Office and house address signs typically include the street number and the name of the street to make courier deliveries easier and make the property easier to locate for emergency responders.

Investing in the Right Outdoor Address Signs

Address number signs are used in addition to any storefront signage you may have. They are neither a replacement for commercial signs nor can they be replaced by them. Like house address signs, address signs for a business are a necessity. When you are designing your custom address sign, keep these basic tenets in mind:

  1. Address signs must be suited to displaying the property’s address concisely and clearly
  2. You can decide what the sign looks like, but legibility and readability are important concerns
  1. The sign must be durable and able to withstand all types of weather in Miami

Benefits of Address Number Signs

Address signs – house address signs or office signs – help people find your premises more easily. Here are the benefits you will reap with quality address signs.

address number signs

Easy identification of the property – Whether you are receiving clients or customers, they will find it easier to locate your property if it is clearly marked.

Make mail deliveries easier – Couriers and postal deliveries being sent to the wrong address is not as uncommon as you might think. If the delivery person cannot identify your property, they cannot deliver to you.

Emergency responders – Clearly marked addresses will save the police, fire crews and ambulances valuable minutes if they are responding to an emergency on your premises.

Customization Options

Who said address signs have to be prominent and showy? At Major League Signs, we help homeowners and commercial buyers find address signs that are best for them. Looking for a discreet outdoor address sign? We have lots of options. Need an address sign that screams your branding? We’ve got hundreds to combinations to choose from those too.

There are a number of elements of your address number signs that you can change to make them match your home or office.

Material options – Metal, Acrylic, Wood

Sizes –Small to over 10 inches in height

Shapes – Circular, rectangular, square, arch

Lighting options – Backlit, front-lit, channel letters

Color schemes – Background, font and design touches

Fonts – Fonts of your choosing

ADA compliant – High contrast and glare-free signs

Best selection of address signs in Miami

At Major League Signs we are proud to offer one of the largest selections of custom address signs in Miami. Our customers can choose from hundreds of customization options to design the sign they want. From traditional and professional signs to edgy and wacky designs, we do them all. Speak to a sign specialist about the sign you want.

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