How to Elevate Your Workspace with Office Lobby Signs?

Custom Lobby Signage for Business

The lobby area of any office space plays a key role in creating a positive impression of your business. This is the first place people go through when they enter your Miami, FL business space. As such, having the right lobby design is crucial for making a great first impression.

And it all starts with an impressive lobby or reception signs.

The Importance of a Great Custom Lobby Sign.

Customers, employees, vendors… they all need to pass through your lobby area within your office. This vital first point of contact is important. Seeing how your lobby looks can affect how people perceive your business.

As such, businesses use signs in their lobbies to elevate their space. These are signs that help introduce your business to customers the moment they walk in. Typical, you will find front desk signs that display your business name and logo.

These signs help give people a better idea of who and what your business is. It also helps customers form a better perception of your brand.

Make sure you leave a positive impression on your customers. Here are different lobby sign options that can elevate your workspace.

Acrylic Reception Signs.

Acrylic signs are attractive, sophisticated-looking signs perfect for any office lobby. They mimic the look of glass but are more durable and shatter-resistant. Businesses use acrylic panels to display their business name and logo.

When you want a classic and professional look, acrylic signs are a great option.

Dimensional Letter Signs.

These three-dimensional signs are a popular choice among many business owners. They are used to display your business name and logo, giving a level of depth that is eye-catching.

Dimensional signs can be made using a variety of materials. The most popular one is acrylic. However, many businesses also use metal, wood, foam core, and more.

Metal Front Desk Signs.

Are you looking to elevate your space with a chic and modern look? Metal signs are a perfect choice. By selecting metal as your choice of material, it will give the sign in your lobby a bold, sophisticated look.

Metal signs can be used for dimensional letters. Metal panels can also be laser-engraved to create impressive signage. They also come in different finishes, like brushed, polished, and the like.

Combination of Different Materials.

An increasing trend for lobby signage is combining at least two materials to create your sign. This creates a stunning, unique look that makes your sign stand out.

A popular choice is combining metal and wood. It’s a nice marrying of a rustic yet modern look that is sure to make your sign memorable.

Your Trusted Sign Partner in Miami, FL.

Revamp your office space this year, starting with an impressive lobby. Get custom lobby signs that elevate your space and impress customers and visitors today.

For high-quality sign solutions, businesses trust Major League Signs. We are a full-service sign company that offers a wide range of signs for your business needs. We work closely with our clients to ensure the end product not only meets but also exceeds your expectations.

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