How Outdoor Address Signs Can Improve The Value Of A Property

Outdoor Address Signs

One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways of increasing the value of a property is by installing large outdoor address signs. If your property already has an old sign, replace it with a new one to enhance its perceived value.

Homeowners and commercial property managers use outdoor address signs to raise the sale value of their property and rental rates. Continue reading to find out how signs such as house address signs and number plates make properties more desirable.

Basics of outdoor address signs

What is an outdoor address sign? Their defining feature is simplicity. Signs will include:

  • Alphanumeric lettering to denote the address (such ‘221B’)
  • Name of the street (optionally)
  • High contrast color schemes
  • Are constructed of a strong, weather-resistant material

Normally, commercial and house address signs are metal plates with embossed or engraved letter or individual cut letters. However, there is nothing stopping you from incorporating the sign creatively in your frontage. Just make sure it is easily visible from the street.

Necessity of large outdoor address signs

Address signs are not just an aesthetic feature, they are a vital tool for keeping your property safe and helping visitors you. Make no mistake, an old or vandalized sign will affect the perceived value of your property.

Required by the law

All houses and properties are legally required to have clear property number signage. Check your local by-laws for any specific requirements. If a property is not properly marked, the owner can face a hefty fine. However, city authorities are open to creative integration of the sign so check with them if you want to make your entrance unique.

Emergency responders

If you need the emergency services at your building, how do you expect them to find you without adequate signage? Clear and obvious outdoor address signs reduce emergency response times and can make the difference in an emergency. Not having a legible sign can put off prospective buyers and renters.

Post and courier services

Clearly marked properties are able to keep the incidence of mis-delivered post and lost parcels to a minimum. How will the UPS delivery person find your front door if you haven’t displayed your address outside? For a homeowner slow delivers can be an annoyance; at a commercial property, it can mean lost business!


Clear signage is an essential part of making visitors’ experience pleasant. Without clear signs, visitors will great frustrated having to drive or walk around to identify your entrance. The utility of address signs as wayfinding signs simply cannot be understated. In fact, we see so often businesses neglect signage if they are located in a commercial building. Even if your visitors can find your building, how will they identify your suite or office if you don’t display your office number prominently?

Dos and don’ts of address signs

Want to design a cool sign for your home or office? Great news, custom signs are just as affordable as standard designs. That said, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t go overboard with branding and graphics – it is not a business sign!
  • Ensure high contrast between the font color and the background
  • Signs don’t have to be mounted on the door; consider installing them on a post or the wall

Miami’s best address signs

What makes Major League Signs the best company to get address signs for your home or office? Our commitment to impeccable customer service and our vast experience creating a wide variety of signs for our customers. Whatever your design we can create signs that work for your premises. Speak to a representative to discuss your design and receive an estimate.

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