How Car Wraps In Miami Can Boost Your Brand Presence

custom car wraps miami

Promotion is one of the keys to effective marketing and business owners everywhere are constantly looking for inexpensive ways to promote their business. Ironically, one of the most overlooked advertising assets are their own commercial vehicles. Whether you have company cars or commercial vehicles, they are prime advertising real estate.

In this article we are looking at how car wraps in Miami will boost your brand and raise your recognition across the city.

Paying thousands of dollars to advertise on a static billboard in Brickell? Vehicle wraps in Miami let you do the same for a fraction of the price!

Mobile advertising

Whether you have traveling salespeople, vans or trucks running up and down the city, custom car wraps in Miami are the perfect advertising opportunity. In fact, with large, eye-catching graphics you are sure to gather a lot of impressions. Best of all, you aren’t targeting the same audience day in day out. As your vehicles move around the city, you are able to reach a wide cross-section of the population.

Advertise in lucrative spots

Simply renting billboard space in downtown Miami, Brickell or other busy district means spending thousands of dollars every day. It may deliver sufficient ROI for a large business that can afford to do it regularly and absorb the cost of running meaningful promotions. However, for small and mid-size businesses it is simply not feasible. Vehicle wraps in Miami let you advertise in the same area at a fraction of the price! After all, there’s nothing stopping your vehicles from traversing that area regularly. The same exposure at a fraction of the cost – now that’s intelligent marketing!

Brand recall

As people start to recognize your vehicles on the road, you begin to build brand recall. Seeing the brand over and over again builds credibility and top of mind recall. This means when time comes to make the buying decision, they will naturally think of you first.

Making it big on social

Custom car wraps in Miami are a great way of making it big on social. Instagrammers and YouTubers will be queuing to take pictures and videos next to boldly designed car wraps. Enjoy the free publicity you’ll be getting. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of car wraps that you can use to maximize your social media appeal (see below).

Custom car wraps you didn’t even know existed

Vinyl car wraps have come a long way. In fact, some of the crazy wraps that are available today will boggle the mind.

  • Camouflage wraps
  • Non-PVC films that are eco-friendly
  • Extreme matte finish
  • Reflective wraps for cars and trucks
  • Glow in the dark wraps

Professional installers of car wraps in Miami

Major League Signs is the complete car and truck wrapping company. We design, create, install car wraps in Miami for a range of businesses and car owners. Our team works with you to schedule convenient times to install the wraps and reduce downtime. Our installers get the job done right the first time so you don’t have to spend time getting air gaps or uneven installation fixed. Speak to us about getting vehicle wraps in Miami for your car or commercial fleet.

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