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If you are looking to make your Miami business popular, investing in exterior business signs should be on your list! The growing competition makes it difficult for any business to stand out which is why choosing the right set of custom signs is crucial. For businesses that are looking to gain more visibility and establish a professional image in the eyes of the customers, channel letter signs are a perfect choice. 

What Are Channel Letters? 

Channel letters are individually cut, custom-made three-dimensional signs that are made from plastic or metal. They are highly versatile and can be fabricated into any shape or size to meet your business requirements. Illuminated channel letters are more popular among businesses as they provide 24/7 visibility and a 3D effect on the message. LED lights are used at the front or back of the letters to illuminate them. LED channel letters come in two different forms: 

Front-lit – The LED lights are placed at the back to illuminate the face of the letters. 

Back-lit – They are also known as reverse channel letters. LED lights are placed at the back facing the opposite side to create a halo or 3D effect. The light glows around and between the letters. 

3 Reasons Custom Channel Letters Are Investment Worthy 


Channel letter signs are a long-term investment that saves you money in the long-run. They have the ability to generate thousands of impressions daily and you just have to pay for them once. They act as a combination of business signs and marketing tools and due to their high visibility, they let you save on advertising expenses. 

LED channel letters are durable and low maintenance. They are built from sturdy materials that can easily withstand harsh outdoor conditions and very rarely they will need any repair or maintenance. Illuminated channel letter signs run on LED lights that are super energy efficient and help in saving a lot on electricity bills. 

Visibility and Brand Recognition 

They are one of the most attractive outdoor signs that you can have which makes them impossible to ignore. Their 3D appearance provides a professional and upbeat vibe to the business which makes it easier for customers to trust a business. Especially when they are lighted, your brand name is visible from a distance, day and night.   


Channel letter signs can be customized to any shape, size, and design which allows brands to communicate their message more effectively. These signs can be perfectly matched with your business theme including colors, fonts, size, and more! 

A Trusted Local Sign Shop in Miami, FL 

Major League Signs is a full-service sign company that can provide a perfect channel letter sign to complement your brand and meet your advertising goals. Whether you choose lit or unlit channel letters, our signage experts will provide high-quality professionally made signs beyond your expectations. Get in touch with us today for a free quote. 

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