Custom Sidewalk Signs: Get Your Message Seen

Custom Sidewalk Signs at Major League Signs in Miami, FL

Sandwich board signs are an extremely affordable advertising option for business owners whose front doors open to sidewalk. Just put out a sign and immediately your business is in the direct line of sight of pedestrians.

These custom sidewalk signs have long been associated with attracting the impulse buyer. A restaurant attracts diners by writing the special of the day; a retail outlet compels shoppers with discounts; and a service-based business creates a sense of urgency with “pay your taxes now!”

The ‘Irresistible Offer’

An A-frame sandwich board is an exceptional bit of advertising kit: its location is great, it is large and visible, and it is largely guaranteed to get eyeballs. But to make sure it reaches its marketing potential the promotional message needs fulfil the basics of the ‘irresistible offer’.

Boldly state the elements of your irresistible offer on your A-frame sandwich board: product name, price, incentive and the sense of urgency.

State Your Product or Product Line Clearly

Find a product or service and focus your message around that. The mantra: keep it simple! Too many products and a whole package of services will make for very confusing reading. It is natural to feel that the business is ‘neglecting’ some of its products – it is not. Regularly update the custom sidewalk sign with new offerings, instead of making a word jumble.

Show the Regular Retail Price

A promotion, like a discount, is about how much someone can save; that’s why showing the original retail price is essential. Usually, people write the full retail price of the product or service boldly and cross it out with a red colored marker or chalk. It is all relative and your customers should see they will make a relative saving.

Incentivize with a Discount

The discount is what makes all the difference. Be clear: “50% OFF”. Don’t beat around the bush: make it BIG and BOLD. The human mind needs to be told the benefit of visiting your establishment in very simple terms. For many people, that is a monetary incentive. For a service led business, such as a dentist’s office or an accountant, why not offer a FREE consultation – generating and qualifying a lead all in one.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Please don’t scream “NOW! NOW! NOW!” on your A-frame sandwich board. People dislike being told what to do. Creating a sense of urgency is an art – it needs to be subtle. “Offer valid till stocks last” is a great example of how to create mystery and intrigue. “Today only” and “Only for the first 100 sign-ups” are also effective messaging techniques.

Other Benefits of Custom Sidewalk Signs

Find a company that can make the right sandwich board signs near you. Sidewalk signs offer a number of benefits over all other types of signs and you shouldn’t be missing out on them. A few advantages they offer are:

  • Easily changeable messages (changeable letters and chalkboard surfaces)
  • Extremely affordable signs and little/no maintenance
  • Portable signs that are easy to store

Sidewalk Signs in Miami

Major League Signs works with businesses across industries for their A-frame sandwich boards. We offer a large number of customization options, including types of base, color combinations, material choices for the board itself and the sign face. We even have LED lighting options which really stand out! Speak to our sandwich board signs team near you.

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