Corporate Office Branding Wall Graphics Ideas for 2022

Custom Wall Graphics for Interiors

When your corporate office needs branding, you’re looking for more than just adding the company name to the wall. Adding vinyl wall signs in your office is an opportunity to do more with your space. You can further develop your branding, and you can inspire your staff, educate your guests, and create an environment that will help further your goals as a company with the proper wall decals. Get inspired with these ideas and bring them to our design team to help you develop and personalize your wall graphics.

Company History

Help your staff, guests, and clients connect with your corporate identity by offering them its history. Office wall decals are great for showing off your major accomplishments, explaining who your founder is, what your founding ideals are, and more interesting tidbits about your company’s past.

Your People

Many office branding efforts will feature the key people to the company. This might include your staff, but it may be better to focus on the people your company supports. Images of smiling faces are sure to improve the office atmosphere either way.

Word Boards

Think a collage, but for words. Vinyl wall signs do not have to have a narrative or have images of people. Instead, they can be a collection of inspiring words that develop an atmosphere and better define your branding. There are a dozen creative ways to change the font, sizing, color, and other elements of the letters to make them stand out.


Highly stylized characters might be another great addition to your office space. It all depends on your brand; you could use characters to show off what the company does or just to add in an exciting scene that helps add dimension and humanity to your office space.


Powerful quotes are a popular addition to many wall graphic ideas. Be sure that you choose a significant quote representing your company; remember you will be looking at it every day. The quote should be connected to your branding and should work to develop your office culture too. It’s a high bar, so you may want to run quote ideas past a few people before choosing one.

Office Wall Decals from Major League Signs

Are you looking for more inspiration? Check out our gallery, and then reach out to us with your ideas. Offices in Miami, FL can rely on Major League Signs to offer high-quality, inspired wall graphics.

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