Channel Letter Signs in Miami

Custom channel letters are one of the most popular and most recommended signs for the front of buildings. From offices to retail and tourist locations, channel letter signs make a significant impact and help your brand stand out to everyone passing by. But are channel letters right for you?

We offer channel letter manufacturing in Miami, FL, and can answer your questions about these signs, their types, costs, uses, and if they will benefit you.

Channel letters

What Are Channel Letter Signs?

Channel letter signs are 3-dimensional signs where each letter is constructed separately and mounted to the building separately. While other signs might have letters printed onto a single sheet of material, each channel letter is its own separate element. They are also usually lit up, either from the inside or backlit. The best location for these signs is at the front of your office building.

Types of Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are fully customizable, which means we can match your brand font and your colors exactly. However, there are other design decisions you need to make when it comes to channel letters. One of the most important is type, which is the different kinds of lighting you can have. Here are the types of channel letter signs:

  • Front-lit: These are the classic LED channel letters. They have internal lights that shine out the front.
  • Backlit: Also called halo-lit channel letters, these signs have lights positioned at their front, shining back on them. This creates a halo of light around the letters.
  • Combination: These signs may combine internal and external lighting and feature other unique lighting types.

You may also choose between different metals for your channel letter signs. They can be made of aluminum or steel, which offer durability enough to place the signs outside. But steel is typically more durable, and aluminum generally is more cost-effective. We can walk you through your sign material options and work better for your specific needs.

Uses for Channel Letters

Throughout Miami, you’ll see channel letter signs used for a wide variety of purposes, including:

  • Branding: Primarily, these signs are used for outdoor branding on businesses. They are typically mounted directly to the building.
  • Indoor use: These signs may also be used inside to develop branding, make your tourist destination more Instagram-worthy, and more.
  • Event venues: Many event venues use channel letters inside and outside as decorative elements.
  • Personal use: You don’t have to be a business to use these signs. Add them to your man cave, landscaping, or home bar.
The Nail Channel Letter Signs Installation

Benefits of Channel Letters

Why should your business choose these signs for your building exterior? They are bold, highly customizable signs that provide excellent visibility and brand promotion for your business. Channel letters can help you meet goals like increasing foot traffic and better branding.

Choose Major League Signs for Channel Letters in Miami

We offer excellent channel letter signs, from design to installation. We can answer your questions about the cost of channel letters in Miami, FL, and whether you should get them. Contact us today.

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