Change The Ambiance Of Your Office Interiors With Custom Wall Murals

Wall Murals In Miami

It’s a constant challenge to stave off the staleness that can overcome an office. With time, even the most creative of office spaces will start to look ordinary and dull. In this article, we are looking at an inexpensive and easy way to refresh your office’s interiors. For hundreds of businesses – small and large – in Miami, wall murals have helped recapture employees’ energy and incite creativity.

How businesses in Miami use wall murals

A wall mural is like hanging art or repainting the office. It’s like creating artwork with the walls as the canvas. Whatever is inspiring or beneficial for the business can be recreated with wall murals. We can share a few ideas, but the only thing holding anyone back from 3D wall murals is their own imagination.

  • Motivational quotes
  • Historical timelines
  • Major accomplishments
  • Awards and accolades
  • Project highlights
  • Artwork

For many businesses, there is no one type of wall mural that will provide the right answer. Multiple wall mural decals should be used to liven up space, change the ambiance and uplift the mood.

Where should a wall mural be placed?

A wall mural decal can be used to make a bold statement or lend words of encouragement. It’s not just your employees, visitors to your office will notice the extra effort you have put into making use of your white wall space.


The lobby is one of the most important spaces in the office and 3D wall murals will make an impact. Especially if you are a creative media business (like sign design), murals will help convince customers of your credibility and seal that sales funnel.


Long hallways are a great place to stick a visual history of the company or cool graphs that showcase its achievements.

Common office space

Open plan offices and common spaces (like lounges or conference rooms) are prime places for wall murals. It is more cost-effective to place wall murals in a common area visited by all employees. Also, it can be greatly unifying for the company, showing how everyone is working towards the same goals and how they are all part of the same organization.

Benefits of custom wall murals

Vibrantly designed wall murals do wonders for employee morale and help ignite their imaginations.

When people see creativity around them, it makes them challenge their imaginations and discover more creative solutions too.


A business investing in its upkeep really helps employee morale. The color of the walls has an enormous psychological impact on employees. Use wall murals to break the monotony of blank space and provide information too.

Sense of belonging

When employees see the business proudly displaying its colors and achievements, it instills a sense of belonging. It helps people ‘see’ how they have contributed to the business’s growth and feel ownership.

Color theory

Different colors are known to boost energy and creativity. In fact, certain colors are known to elicit feelings of calm and peace, excitement and even happiness.

Helping Miami business get wall murals affordably

Whether it is a restaurant, a gaming arcade or a commercial office, wall murals are used widely in Miami. Business owners have discovered how murals can make their space unique and create visual experiences for their clients and customers.

Call Major League Signs and find out how easy and affordable it is to get wall murals for your office. Our team will be happy to suggest some ideas if you aren’t sure about designs.

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